No, that headline is not just an attention grabber. It’s the punchline to the proverbial question: What will it take to wake up San Francisco to the degradation of the world’s most beautiful city?

Everyone knows San Francisco as “Baghdad by the Bay,” the place where anything goes. Ideas and actions that would be laughed at or cried over in most parts of the country, are de rigeur in Mayor Willie Brown’s new fiefdom.

But, still, there are limits — especially when the licentiousness threatens to lose the city its prized NFL team, the 49ers.

Maybe you missed all this. It was a big story in San Francisco, but was hardly covered outside the Bay Area. On Saturday, May 3, political consultant Jack Davis, who has been hired to run the campaign to build a new stadium at Candlestick Point, threw a little birthday party. Here are some of the highlights of the soiree:

  • A young man had bells and fetishes sewn to his back;

  • Male and female strippers gyrated to hard rock played through a Bill Graham Presents sound system;

  • Alcohol flowed from a bar used in the alien disco scene in “Star Wars”;

  • A trussed-up guy had a Satanic pentagram carved into his back, and, as blood flowed, he bent over to be urinated on by a leather-clad female assistant;

  • A “glory hole wall,” erected next to the stage, was autographed by partygoers including some elected officials;

  • A woman performed a live sex act with a Jack Daniels bottle;

“It was like walking into a Mapplethorpe exhibit,” explained San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey. “It was so disgusting, I thought it was funded by the NEA.” Though claiming to be repulsed, Hennessey didn’t bother to order any arrests.

In fact, the most amazing thing about this party is not what happened, but who was there while it took place — the mayor, the police chief, the district attorney, the president of the 49ers, the president of the Board of Supervisors and many other elected officials. Just another day in the life of the city of San Francisco.

But maybe not. This party seems to have served as something of a wake-up call to the silent majority of the San Francisco area — who have shown they will tolerate just about anything. Just about.

The party has backfired big time on the efforts to get voters to approve a ballot measure on raising $100 million in lease-revenue bonds for the new stadium and an adjacent megamall.

Davis has apologized for the party “getting a little out of hand.” But it was transparently disingenuous to say the least. Earlier, Davis boasted that the “after-party” at his place was even more outrageous. Knowing Davis, no one doubts it. This is the guy who once took a six-foot-tall transvestite to the owners box at 3Com Park (Candlestick, for those of you outside the Bay Area.)

So what will be the fallout from this shindig? I predict that this party was the last straw for many normal people in San Francisco. Watch that ballot measure go down on June 3. And watch the 49ers say good-bye to Sodom and Gomorrah.

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