In an effort to defray the costs of what promises to be one of the most explosive trials of the century, a group of Paula Jones supporters have established a World Wide Web site to aid the former Arkansas state employee who is suing President Clinton on charges of sexual harassment.

Known as the Paula Jones Legal Fund, the web site is part of an apolitical grass-roots effort by volunteers.

“Those who support Paula Jones are not right-wing extremists,” explains the site. “They are Democrats, independents, and Republicans who have voted both for and against Bill Clinton.”

Besides serving as a fund-raiser for the Jones trial, which is set to start on May 27, 1998, it also has been designed to set the record straight on her charges, personal background and history. The site also offers itself as a news source, offering a toll- free number that can be reached 24 hours a day.

At Diskwriter Communications, the company hosting the site pro bono, Andrew Krolick, the president of the company, said he is amazed at the amount of responses the site has received. “It certainly has a lot higher traffic than we anticipated,” he said.

“I don’t think a web-site will make or break her chances,” he added. He said that in a country like America, which has no kings or queens, everyone has the right to a fair trial, even if they are challenging the president. It is his hope that justice prevails.

Regarding support, Krolick said, “I’ve been impressed by the grass roots and powers of communication to rally people.”

Additional support has come in the form of a lavender ribbon. Carolyn Gargaro, a concerned citizen from New Jersey, began the lavender ribbon campaign herself this past June. Although Gargaro’s ribbon campaign is separate from the Paula Jones Legal Fund web-site, it is her desire to create awareness about the subject and to offer a way in which people who support Jones can unite.

Gargaro said the purpose of the lavender ribbon is to voice the opinion that everyone has a right to a fair trial, not to support frivolous lawsuits. Gargaro said that she knows of at least 52 web sites that currently have placed her lavender ribbon on their site in support of the campaign.

The Paula Jones web-site can be reached at

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