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National police and disarmed citizens

As the federal government grabs citizens firearms and deploys a virtual standing army of national cops, America’s balance of power is shifting from freedom to tyranny.

This could only happen in a country where the people, thanks to a heavy dose of disinformation spread by the government-media complex and the government schools, have forgotten their history and constitutional heritage.

Talk to the average gun-control fanatic and he or she will tell you the Second Amendment was only intended to protect the right to bear arms in the context of the need for defense of the state and nation. This argument could only be made by someone with complete disconnect from reality — someone who chooses willingly and deliberately to ignore the massive amount of documentation to the contrary.

What was the original intent of our founders with regard to firearms? Here’s a sampling of their unambiguous opinions:

Many of these great men warned with equal passion against the government arming itself by creating what they feared would be a standing army or national police force. Consider the following:

When you consider the letter of our Constitution, and then consider its spirit through the words of the men responsible for authoring it, there is no question about the individual’s right to bear arms. But there is grave reason to doubt the right of the federal government to authorize wielding them for any reason other than war.

Thanks to Jim Eason of KSFO Radio in San Francisco for compiling these and many other similar quotes.