NEW YORK, Oct. 9 (UPI) _ U.S. taxpayers foot an annual $2 million
bill that allows the nation’s 100 senators to dine at a substantial

Money magazine reports that last year, the Senate dining facilities
lost an estimated $20,000 per politician. The expensive eating habits of
our congresspeople were uncovered during an audit by the General
Accounting Office.

The publication points out that by cutting out those fancy food
stamps, 2,283 more poor people could receive real food stamps or close
to 11,000 needy school children could enjoy weekday breakfasts.
Other beefy benefits include a mere 2 percent interest rate for delinquent diners.

The magazine recommends raising the prices on the Senate menu, which
are, on average, 42 percent lower than those listed at The Moncole, a
comparable eatery near Capitol Hill. For example, a bowl of Senate soup
costs $1.75, 61 percent less than the competition charges and the $5.75
price for a club sandwich is a 32 percent savings over non-subsidized

The federal Capitol Hill eatery also employs 170 high-priced
waitstaff and chefs, salaries that add even more onto the taxpayers’

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