Every day, I get letters from people asking essentially the same question: “Is there any hope?”

They look around this world and they see it smoldering. The family unit is breaking down. Educational institutions have been corrupted. Even the church has become worldly. They want to know if there is anything that can be done. Who can they write to? Who can they vote for? Who can they trust? But people who place their faith in politics are always going to be disappointed. It’s tempting, these days, to throw up your hands and give up.

Last weekend, hundreds of thousands of men — maybe a million or more — from all over America did just that. They admitted to themselves, their family members, their friends, to the nation and world that they’ve blown it. Most important of all, they admitted it to God. And they surrendered their egos and their own desires to Him and His will in one of the most moving, awe-inspiring testimonials to the Living Creator of the Universe ever witnessed.

The goal of the Promise Keepers was simple — to help those in attendance and those watching on national television become better husbands, fathers, sons and citizens by bringing them closer to a meaningful, intimate and permanent relationship with God.

It is the simplicity of that message that makes it so threatening to some.

One of the criticisms of the Promise Keepers movement is its whiteness. Yet, anyone who observed the crowd gathered on the National Mall saw a diverse group of men. And what they heard from the podium — over and over again — were prayers of reconciliation with people of other colors, other cultures, other faiths. Founder Bill McCartney challenged those present to work for “an end to racism inside the church of Jesus Christ” by the year 2000.

Another rap on the group is its emphasis on the role of men. Yet, the central concept of Promise Keepers is to make these men better husbands. I’ve yet to hear one woman complain about the effect a Promise Keepers event has had on her husband. It does not turn them into tyrants. But it does have the potential of turning them into respectful, loving, caring, understanding partners for life.

What a repudiation of National Organization of Women President Patricia Ireland who has attacked the group as racist and extremist. If America watched this event, it is clear to the country who the extremists really are and where they want to take us.

At NOW’s state convention in Utah recently, keynote speaker Elizabeth Joseph made a plea for a return to polygamy. And why not? NOW supports special recognition for lesbian couples, transgendered unions, single-parent families, homosexual marriages. Isn’t it logical that in this anything-goes world of the NOW gang that polygamy would be the next taboo broken?

Rights for adulterers, pedophiles and practitioners of bestiality are simply a matter of time in a world with no immutable standards of morality. The only thing that’s not tolerated by the feminazi crowd seems to be traditional marriages between men and women.

Why? The answer is that the world is engulfed in a spiritual war. You can see the evidence in the ecstatic faces of men worshipping God on the Mall. And you can see it in the angry demeanor of its critics who act like vampires that have just seen a cross. There really is a battle raging on planet earth for the hearts and souls of men and women. It represents nothing less than a showdown between good and evil — a conflict in which none of us are given the luxury of being bystanders.

These men realize that. They understand that the ways of the world ultimately bring nothing but unhappiness, lack of purpose, unfulfillment. Their humble participation in Promise Keepers signifies a rejection of the conventional wisdom of our age and a return to the timeless truth as revealed in Holy Scripture. No political speech or action could ever be more threatening to the world than that.

How else can you explain the hostility the Promise Keepers evoke? These peaceful men truly represent the most serious frontal assault the social engineers of our brave new world have ever encountered. They are the shock troops of a spiritual revival that represents the only real potential for healing in this land in our lifetimes short of a return of Jesus Christ.

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