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Clinton is a victim

I saw a TV program on the “Tailgate” scandal that really opened my eyes.

It was Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes” show Wednesday night. I don’t know the lady’s name who made the point, but it changed my thinking completely on the way this matter should be handled.

I’ve been very tough on Bill Clinton — tough enough to earn a prominent spot on his official enemies list, the 331-page “Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce” report, produced and distributed by the White House Counsel’s Office in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee. My organization was also targeted for audit because of our hard-hitting reporting on Clinton administration scandals.

But am I angry about all that? Not at all. In a way, I brought it all on myself. Now I realize that, in my zeal to root out corruption in the administration, I haven’t offered nearly enough compassion to Bill Clinton, the human being.

You see, if the latest allegations about Bill Clinton’s official, taxpayer- supported mistress-in-residence program are true, his advocate on the Fox show explained, it is symptomatic of some deep emotional and psychological problems.

“He needs treatment,” she said, “not condemnation.”

Wow, what a revelation this was to me. Here I have been throwing brickbats at a handicapped person — a sick puppy, probably adding to his illness rather than reaching out to him in his hour of need. I had no idea.

But think about it. He can’t help the fact that he is a serial adulterer. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be a sexual predator. That’s a curse no man in his right mind would consciously choose. He no doubt understands what a terrible image he is projecting to the youth of the country. He needs help. He’s crying out for it. And here I am calling for his impeachment, his punishment, with little regard for the serious medical problems he faces.

I also note that he recently abandoned his legal defense fund. No one was contributing to it — shocking really, given what the establishment press polls keep telling us about his overwhelming popularity. The world is closing in on this poor fellow and he can’t even hire the best legal talent to help himself.

So, I have an idea. I have a little non-profit corporation that relies on tax-deductible donations for its survival. I know how tough it can be to beg for money, even for the most worthwhile cause. But, for the next 30 days, I want to set up a special fund to get Bill Clinton the treatment he needs and deserves. It’s not much, but maybe it will help.

You know that Bill and Hillary have been at the forefront of the effort to socialize medicine in this country. Maybe this was just another way they were crying out to the American people for help. I don’t know what kind of health insurance program the federal government offers, but I’m sure it’s inadequate to cover the kind of care he needs.

So, here’s my idea: Anyone who contributes to “the Clinton fund” for the next month can rest assured that we will dedicate 100 percent of the money collected to subsidize the procedure that the president so desperately needs — voluntary chemical castration.

Remember, sexual predators and harassers — especially those who target young, vulnerable women in awe of power and all its trappings — are really victims. They can’t help themselves. The lying and the elaborate, lawyerly cover stories are just ways they protect themselves from the embarrassment and humiliation of their illness.

Chemical castration offers a humane alternative — a way out of this cyclical pattern of degradation and self-abuse.

This is my way of reaching out, Mr. President. No hard feelings over that Internal Revenue Service audit. I forgive you for the personal attacks and for your efforts to destroy my credibility as a journalist. I understand why you used the awesome power of the federal government to attack me and my organization. It was simple self-defense on your part. Here’s my peace offering.

I hope you will accept it in the true Christian spirit in which it is offered.