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Conyers to focus on Ron Brown case

WASHINGTON — Rep. Conyers will address questions that have arisen
in the death of Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown next week at a Capitol
press conference.

Brown died in Croatia in April 1996 when the plane carrying him and
34 others crashed.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and WorldNetDaily have reported that
three senior military officers and pathologists have publicly alleged
that a perfectly circular wound found on Ron Brown’s head after the crash
resembled a gunshot wound and should have prompted an autopsy. No
autopsy was conducted on Secretary Brown.

A fourth senior military official has alleged that head X-rays of
Brown were destroyed to hide a possible gunshot wound.

Civil rights activist Dick Gregory will be present at the press
conference. Gregory, and Washington, D.C., talk radio personality
Joe Madison, led a demonstration and prayer vigil outside the
Department of Justice on Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, to protest what
Gregory called “an obvious cover-up of Ron Brown’s death.”