While at the Pentagon, Monica Lewinsky traveled with Defense Secretary
William Cohen, sat in on briefings where the highest secrets were discussed
and routinely handled highly classified documents — top-secret documents,
which, if they fell in the wrong hands, could put America at high risk and
cost the lives of our warriors.

But no sweat. Lewinsky had all the appropriate clearances, right?

No doubt her background had been thoroughly checked out by
investigators. Or perhaps she’d been given a top-secret clearance in a
hurry on order of a high White House official, thus expediting her transfer
from the White House firing line to safer turf in the five-sided puzzle

Bet on the second scenario and you’ve got a winner.

A Pentagon source says that Lewinsky was given an instant top-secret
clearance, that “they rushed her clearances through and she didn’t get the
normal fine-toothed security combing.”

Another Pentagon security source reports the White House is “spy

He says “Bill Clinton delegates clearance approval to White House
flunkies who waive all sorts of criteria. A standard background
investigation would have picked up Monica’s promiscuity and devious nature
in a heartbeat.”

Normally, a security background investigation takes months.
Investigators dig into every corner of your life. Did you cheat at marbles
when you were 10? Were you a straight arrow in high school? Did you drink
too much beer while at college? Were your mother and father stable and

Yet, Lewinsky received her top-secret clearance in days. All her dirty
laundry was left in the basket. Nothing came out about her college affair
with a married teacher who says she “stalked” him using “emotional
blackmail” to trap him into continuing their romance, or her mailing him
White House documents that could have national security implications, or
her being accused of being a “scheming truth-mangler.”

Lewinsky was awarded one of the Pentagon’s highest security clearances
even though she was considered by White House insiders to be a flake with
poor work habits.

And now the same White House gang that got her a quickie top-secret
clearance is whispering she’s an “unstable air head.”

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), providing the overworked White House spin
team with fire support, said, “The poor child has serious emotional
problems.” He went on to say that she lives in fantasyland. “And I haven’t
heard she plays with a full deck.”

Those in power should have checked out her background and where her head
was at rather than where her body had been prior to hiding her in the
Pentagon to shuffle through secrets of state like they were pages in her
date book.

A former CIA agent says “The Clinton administration has played fast and
loose with the rules. Given their politicized approach to intelligence and
security matters, it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of people at the White
House besides Monica Lewinsky had not been properly vetted for security

CIA Director George Tenet recently said “The executive branch leaks like
a sieve.” He told a Senate committee that “there are people all over this
executive branch who have violated a trust.”

According to former CIA and FBI agents, there are hundreds of security
political appointee timebombs inside the Beltway. Take John Huang, formerly
of the Commerce Department and now inches away from the slammer. He also
had a top secret clearance. During an 18 month period, Huang received 37
personal briefings from the CIA and eyeballed thousands of secret
documents. Frequently after a briefing, he was quickly on the phone to
Indonesia, the land of his birth. When he was reassigned to the Democratic
National Committee to raise money, he set a new record: the only Commerce
Department employee ever to retain his top secret clearance after

With such a loose security program, it’s no wonder that an Iraqi spy
recently passed information from the Pentagon to a senior intelligence
official in Baghdad about the planned February U.S. air attack on Iraq or
that a well dressed dude popped into an office near Madeline Albright and
carted off a briefcase full of secret documents.

Congress should give Sexgate a miss. The real issue should be
Securitygate. Right now it’s wide open and our secrets are taking a walk.

Hack Notes

Our forces are involved in too many global operations — which have
nothing to do with securing America — and are now stretched to the
breaking point.

But only our warriors and their families seem to care.

Clinton and his civilian national security advisors don’t seem to
comprehend this alarming situation. Perhaps they’re ignorant because few
have served in our Armed forces. Thus, none of these fools understand what
this over-commitment is doing to our force’s readiness and to the morale of
our warriors who are daily trying to cope with doing too much with too

The serving generals and admirals, who should realize what is going on
don’t seem to get it. I suspect many are either so politically brainwashed
that they can’t see the bark from the trees or they’re like the three
monkeys and into total denial: they see no evil, hear no evil, and smell no

Congress should be the barking watchdog. But in 1998, there are so few
combat veterans there — a shade less than 16 percent — and pork has
become a way of life for the vast majority of these dishonorable men and
women that only a few are willing to challenge their corrupt leadership
(Gingrich, Lott and Thurmond to name a few main cheaters from hundreds in
the corrupt cast) who won’t close unneeded bases and who constantly
pressure the weak-kneed Pentagon to buy toys made in their states and
districts that it doesn’t need.

The master of the congressional watchdog, who is in bed with the defense
contractors, is the American citizen. But they’re so stoned by prosperity
and badly served by a profit-oriented press that serves up a rich diet of
crap – O.J.’s, Sexgates AND Nannygates ad nauseam that they’re more
concerned about the next juicy scandal than where the approximately $300
billion the Pentagon and CIA waste every year (which is equal to the annual
defense budget of the rest of the world combined) goes.

Only those who have served or have a loved one in the service care about
America’s warriors or their ability to defend the USA. The majority of our
citizens just turn off and obsess on what Katherine, Linda, Paula, Wendy,
Gennifer or Monica will say next.

Right now we have 40,000 troops tied up trying to make incorrigible
Saddam behave. Another 20,000-plus are baby-sitting or supporting the
futile Bosnian mission which becomes flakier as each day passes, and over
40,000 warriors are leaning forward in their foxholes in South Korea while
North Korea is doing another war dance.

Have you heard a word in the main line media about these warriors during
the past week or two? Is anyone concerned about why they are there except
their families and themselves? Has anyone in Congress challenged these
missions? Have you heard that we’re rushing another battalion to Macedonia
and that spooks and military advance parties are eyeballing Kosovo which is
erupting like Vietnam in 1960.

Our warriors are treated by our leaders and our citizens much like the
Roman leaders and citizens treated their far-flung legions.

They are viewed by the war hawks such as Madeline Albright as
mercenaries and the press just sucks their thumbs.

And our warriors know this. Daily they become more and more disenchanted
with the situation and further isolated and alienated from American

This is not a healthy condition and it’s going to get worse.

Vietnam taught us many lessons. One lesson of significance was: In war
you must have the support of your people. A central reason we didn’t have
the support of the people during the Vietnam War was their draftee kids
were there and they were telling mom and dad it was a bad war.

In 1965, when we first got mired in that swamp with fighting troops no
one at home really cared. The force was all regular. Not many folks got
exercised when the coffins crammed with all volunteers came home. It wasn’t
until the draftee sons of the elite — the doctors, lawyers, bankers,
stockbrokers — started to fill up bodybags that the politicians knew they
were in trouble and their pork as usual game was about to be busted up.

I reckon no one should be in congress that hasn’t served in the armed
forces or have a damn good reason not to have served.

I also believe that we should return to the draft.

Every time I mention bringing back the draft I get shelled.

Want to write a column piece on this subject and would appreciate your
comments. Please keep your replies tight.

HERE I AM BEGGING AGAIN: Money makes the world go around and it’s also
the oil needed to get SOLDIERS FOR THE TRUTH up and running. Over 10,000
troops subscribe to this free newsletter which costs me about 3 to 4 grand
a month to put out.

If each of us dedicated a buck a month to SFTT, that would give Roger
and Carl, who bust their butts for our warriors with no compensation, the
dough to put a couple people on the payroll, pay phone, fax, and email
charges, etc. (which right now comes out of their pockets).

Please don’t just move your lips about how broken our military is and
how weak our leadership is, but put your money where your mouth is.

I’d like nothing better than in the year 2000 to join all of you in a
million veteran march on the capital and demand that the Prez and those
sleazebags in Congress meet on our demand to hear what we have to say. A
strong SFTT can make this possible. What a great 70th birthday present:
“Bill and sleazebags, listen up.”

Is this possible? You bet! It only took a few good men and women to kick
the Brit’s ass in 1776, and I am proud to say my distant Virginian
grandfather, John Hackworth and his four Bedford brothers were among this
gallant group.

Keep five yards,


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