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Death to the U.N.

A new report by the United Nations Human Rights Commission calls on the United States to halt use of the death penalty.

I’ve got a better idea. Let’s kill the U.N.

The U.N.’s latest beef is that some U.S. states carry out executions in an arbitrary and discriminatory manner that violates obligations imposed by various international agreements. To come into compliance with international standards of law, the U.N. says, the U.S. must halt all executions.

The report was written by Bacre Waly Ndiaye, a busybody from that well-known bastion of human rights, the African nation of Senegal.

We, in the United States, live in a sovereign nation governed, first and foremost, by a Constitution of the people, by the people and for the people. The day Americans forget that is the day we cease to be Americans and become, God forbid, “world citizens.” That would not only be a tragedy for America but for the entire world.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the United Nations is the preferred vehicle of those forces and individuals who would like nothing more than to see the emasculation of sovereign nation-states in favor of lobal authorities. These forces and individuals make little distinction between countries wracked by civil war, rife with human rights abuses or run by totalitarians, and nations governed by constitutions and elected officials.

Why some otherwise sensible citizens and politicians in the United States continue to support our participation in such an organization never ceases to amaze me.

There can be no question, with the proliferation of international treaties governing human rights, trade, health, weapons, education, sexuality, economics — in short, every facet of human life — that the world is moving inevitably toward global governance. There can also be no question that global governance is, ultimately, the U.N.’s overriding goal. The organization makes little secret of this agenda.

Yet, while there are only a handful of people in the United States who would state openly that they favor such a hideous agenda, the vast majority of Americans tolerate the transfer of their money and, slowly but surely, their most basic freedoms to this wretched, Godless, humanistic harbinger of world totalitarianism.

“Oh, it can’t happen here,” Americans think. “The U.N. could never exert authority over our lives. The U.N. is needed to keep in line those uncivilized enemies of peace in other parts of the world.”

That, my friends, is very short-term thinking, as the report by Mr. Ndiaye illustrates. They’re coming after you, Mr. and Mrs. America. It was only a matter of time. And this is only the beginning.

Currently, the United Nations has plans to participate in the confiscation of firearms from civilians around the world. Do you think for a minute the Second Amendment to our Constitution will be a barrier to such plans in the future?

The U.N. is also developing broad plans to organize, train and supervise civilian police forces to do its bidding. Do you suppose those plans are being made only for places like Bosnia and Rwanda?

U.N. officials are also working on ways to impose their own direct taxes so they won’t be forced to rely solely on those archaic state governments to pay membership dues. Guess who’s going to bear the burden of those new involuntary fees?

Now the U.N. is proposing a new World Court that will have authority and jurisdiction over individuals regardless of whether their nation-state has any complaint against them. Do you really think Americans are safe from the judicial tyranny that will inevitably follow?

The U.N. has many tentacles — from the World Trade Organization to NATO. Americans should fear and loathe such agencies. We should seek to dismantle them. We should abandon them. We should recognize them for what they are. Instead, we permit our government to expand them, enlarge their scope, breed them, transfer our wealth to them, give them new powers over our lives.

Once we concede the U.N. has any legitimate role in the United States — advising us on our own affairs, requiring us to pay for its missions, ordering U.S. military personnel to serve its interests — Americans have begun sliding down the slippery slope to slavery.

It’s time to put a stake in this monster’s heart — before, with the complicity of our misguided leaders, our own precious and inalienable rights are crucified on the altar of Babel.