If you have any doubts that the Clinton administration has been bought and paid for by political contributions from the totalitarian Chinese government and their U.S. corporate dupes, just check out the latest revelations from Jeff Gerth and Raymond Bonner of The New York Times.

Last Saturday, this unusually intrepid pair of investigative reporters in the establishment press disclosed that a federal grand jury is investigating whether “two U.S. companies illegally gave China space expertise that significantly advanced Beijing’s ballistic missile program.” For the intellectually handicapped and other Clinton administration supporters, those missiles, armed with nuclear warheads, are pointed at U.S. cities.

Lest we be encouraged by the fact that this travesty is actually under investigation, let’s remember who is conducting it — Janet Reno, “Ms. See-no-evil, Hear-no-evil and Speak-no-evil of the White House.” Furthermore, The Times report points out, the criminal inquiry “was dealt a serious blow two months ago when President Clinton quietly approved the export to China of similar know-how by one of the companies under investigation.”

Are you with me so far? It gets worse — a lot worse. The White House took this monstrous action despite the fact that its own Justice Department opposed it, arguing that it would be more difficult to prosecute the companies if the government gave its blessing to what could only be described objectively as the highest form of treason — placing at risk the lives of millions of Americans, not to mention our very way of life.

The two companies in question are Loral Space & Communications of New York and Hughes Electronics of Los Angeles, a subsidiary of General Motors. Loral has numerous business dealings with China and close ties to the White House, the Times reports. Its chairman and chief executive officer, Bernard Schwartz, was the largest personal contributor to the Democratic National Committee last year.

The intrigue began in 1996 when a Chinese rocket carrying aloft a satellite built by Loral exploded shortly after liftoff. The two U.S. companies participated in an independent review of the failure and reported to the Chinese all the details of what went wrong.

“Those exchanges, officials believe, may have gone beyond the sharing of information the companies had been permitted, giving the Chinese crucial assistance in improving the guidance systems of their rockets,” the Times reported. “The technology needed to put a commercial satellite in orbit is similar to that which guides a long-range nuclear missile to its target.”

Then, last February, with the investigation well under way, the Clinton administration gave Loral permission to launch another satellite on a Chinese rocket and provide the Chinese with the same expertise at issue in the case.

A few critics in Congress have suggested that Clinton is putting commercial interests ahead of national security. Let me say it a little differently: The president is putting his own self-interest ahead of national security — just as he puts it ahead of everything else. He has sold out — lock, stock and barrel — to the criminals in Beijing, just as some multinational corporations like Loral and Hughes have.

This sell-out is far more serious than Monica Lewinsky. It should be a bigger story than Paula Jones. It’s a grave development in the history of our nation. Everybody should be talking about this and other examples of the way Clinton has coddled the fascist regime in China as a quid pro quo for campaign contributions that placed him in the White House.

Remember, this investigation didn’t begin in the Office of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. It began in Clinton’s own Justice Department. The story wasn’t leaked by a Republican investigator conducting a witchhunt. It was leaked by Janet Reno’s hand-picked staff. And the story didn’t appear in a paper controlled by part of the vast right-wing media conspiracy. It was published by The New York Times.

All of this reminded me of a story I read in another establishment newspaper back on April 6, 1990. It was based on testimony by then-FBI Director William Sessions, who noted China was making “widespread use” of the surging number of Chinese nationals in the United States to collect intelligence, creating “a tremendous need for a counterintelligence response.”

You might remember what happened to Sessions. He was unceremoniously fired by Clinton shortly after he took office.

More recently, in March, the Clinton administration refused to support a United Nations human rights conference resolution criticizing China’s barbarous human rights record.

Do you see the pattern? Who is Bill Clinton really working for — the American people or his sponsors in Beijing?

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