On April 2, Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright ridiculed critics
of the United Nations who say the world body is a threat to U.S.

“There are some who believe the U.N. is a sinister organization” with
“a fleet of black helicopters which may, at any moment, swoop down into our
back yards and steal our lawn furniture,” she told a meeting of the
American Society of Newspaper Publishers.

Ha, ha, ha. Pretty funny, huh? The assembled members of the media elite
certainly thought so. They yucked it up at all the punchlines and gave
Albright a standing O.

But let’s examine the chain of events since that speech:

A day later, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights urged abolition of the death penalty globally, while one of its top investigators specifically singled out for criticism the United States’ policies on executions. Waly Bacre Ndiaye of Senegal, who traveled the United States studying the use of the death penalty, said U.S. policy “seems to continue to be marked by arbitrariness.”

A week later, the U.N.’s World Court intervened for the first time in a death penalty case, ordering the United States to spare the life of a Paraguayan facing execution in Virginia this week. The court doesn’t contend, by the way, that the murderer, Angel Francisco Breard, is innocent of the crime. Rather, it found that his rights were violated because he wasn’t informed of his right to assistance from the Paraguayan consul. In other words, he wasn’t read his international Miranda rights.

If I wasn’t seeing black helicopters before Albright’s speech, I sure would be seeing them now. I hope this attempted intrusion into U.S. domestic affairs by the U.N. serves as a wakeup call to all Americans.

It’s not just the U.N. we should be worried about. U.S. politicians like Albright and her boss are the bigger threat. They are literally rolling out the red carpet for this kind of attack on American constitutional self-government.

On March 30, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the appeal of a U.S.
soldier facing a bad-conduct discharge for refusing to wear a U.N. shoulder
patch and blue beret in a Macedonian “peacekeeping” mission. Army Spc.
Michael New had argued, sensibly, that he is entitled to an honorable
discharge because the order he disobeyed would have violated his oath of
enlistment and turn him into a U.N. soldier.

“I have never taken an oath to the United Nations, but I have taken the
required oath to support and defend the Constitution,” New explained.

The Supremes didn’t buy it. But maybe now, with the World Court pushing
its weight around, they’re not really the Supremes anymore.

There are other ominous signs on the horizon, and you don’t have to be
part of what Albright derisively calls “the black helicopter crowd” to see

If the U.N. has its way, the United States will soon be offering more than U.S. soldiers up as sacrificial offerings. Last July the U.N. Security Council voted to encourage members “to make appropriately trained police available to the organization at short notice, if possible through standby arrangements.” It also agreed “to promote a standardized approach to the training and recruitment of civilian police.”

Earlier this year, the United Nations held a “firearms workshop” in New Delhi, India, for the purpose of developing a “U.N. Universal Declaration of Principles.” Needless to say, there were few advocates of inalienable gun rights at the meeting. “The right to possess firearms was discussed and the general consensus was that there was no right to possess firearms,” explained delegate M.K. Shula. “I strongly believe that the possession of firearms for hunting should be totally prohibited.” The kind of “universal declarations” under discussion at this meeting, once approved, are normally followed by a convention or “treaty.” A treaty, by the way, becomes domestic law in America by a simple vote of the Senate.

Let’s see: No death penalty … U.N. busybodies traveling around the
country studying our archaic ways … U.S. soldiers under foreign command
… civilian cops trained for U.N. duty … an end to the right to bear
arms … and we get to pick up most of the tab. What a bargain our U.N.
membership is, huh? Anyone who doesn’t like what they see gets ridiculed by
our own secretary of state … and laughed at by the know-nothing,
pro-establishment press.

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