Last week I told you more about newly elected Rep. Barbara Lee, D-CA,
than you probably cared to know.

I told you how she served on the coordinating council of the
Committees of Correspondence, a group founded by Communist Party USA
members purged by Gus Hall. I told you how she has palled around with
long-time Communist Angela Davis, three times the party’s nominee for
vice president of the United States, who once beat a homicide rap. I
told you how documents captured by U.S. military forces in Grenada
showed Lee, while working with her predecessor and mentor, Rep. Ron
“Red” Dellums, had betrayed her role as a U.S. government official and
sanitized an official national security report in favor of the local
tin-pot dictator, Maurice Bishop. And I told you how she, while serving
as a U.S. government employee, had traveled to Cuba for a “non-aligned”
nations conference as a “journalist” for a left-wing San Francisco
weekly rag.

Now, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story.

It turns out that San Francisco paper Ms. Lee represented in Cuba,
the Sun-Reporter, was edited at the time by the late Dr. Carlton
Goodlett. On April 22, 1970, Dr. Goodlett received the Lenin Peace Prize
in Moscow. It was quite an affair — attended by Leonid Brezhnev and
other party notables. And no wonder — the date marked Lenin’s 100th

Let me remind you, that until 1956, the Lenin Prize was called the
Stalin Stipend. The name was changed only after Nikita Khruschev
denounced mass murderer Josef Stalin at the Twentieth Party Congress in
Moscow. It was not just an honorary award for promoting the cause of
world Communism and Soviet hegemony. It was established in 1928 as the
socialist rival to the Nobel Prize and paid its recipients amounts
ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 rubles.

When Goodlett returned with his cash, he proceeded to file as a
candidate for governor of California in that year’s election. He also
bankrolled (and I will leave it to your imagination to decide from where
the money originated) the first big election bids of former California
Assembly Speaker Willie Brown and former Rep. Dellums.

In October 1997, a Freedom of Information Act request was filed with
the FBI. It sought information about Goodlett, particularly with respect
to the Lenin Prize and about his backing of Dellums. A few weeks later,
Dellums surprised virtually everyone on Capitol Hill, throughout his
district and across the nation by resigning in the middle of his
two-year term.

What goes on here?

Perhaps the 1996 presidential election, in which it now appears
foreign money played such a crucial role, was not the first of its kind.
Perhaps this sort of thing has been going on for the last 30 years or
so. Perhaps Barbara Lee’s rapid rise to political stardom is part of a
plan hatched long ago and far away.

But don’t try to find any coverage of such monumental coincidences
anywhere in the establishment press. When Goodlett received the Lenin
Prize, coverage amounted to one line in The New York Times, the
newspaper of record, and zilch in the San Francisco papers. There has
been no follow-up on the revelations regarding Ms. Lee, our newest
member of Congress, broken here in cyberspace. And, so far, the FBI is
still mum about the Dellums race — probably in the interest of vital
national security.

Meanwhile, what is the press covering? Are the news media focused on
more important issues, like what China actually bought with those
illegal campaign contributions in 1996? Oh no. It may be another 30
years or so before we can connect those dots. So what if the president
winks when his biggest domestic campaign donors pass on sensitive
missile technology to their business partners in Beijing? You see, the
journalistic watchdogs of our precious freedom are busy following up
Hillary Clinton’s leads on “the vast right-wing conspiracy” out to get
her husband.

Barbara Lee was sworn into the House of Representatives by a smiling
Speaker Newt Gingrich this week. She glibly took her oath to defend and
uphold the Constitution. She has also filed her papers to seek a full,
two-year term. The primary election, in which she is not expected to
face any serious opposition, is scheduled for June 2. Chances are
she’ll, once again, face only token opposition in November from
Republicans who are scared to death to tell the American people the

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