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Save David Hale

Witnesses and potential witnesses to Clinton administration corruption continue to drop like flies — with nary a hint of concern or suspicion expressed by the Congress, Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr or the government-media complex.

Yesterday, key Whitewater witness David Hale, about to face an Arkansas trial that looks suspiciously like retribution for his testimony against President Clinton, was stricken with chest pains. He was hospitalized and the trial delayed.

If Kenneth Starr doesn’t surround Hale, one of his most cooperative witnesses, with armed guards and the best medical care the government’s money can buy, something is really fishy.

Why should Starr be concerned? Just look at the growing list of mysterious deaths of those who threaten President Clinton politically:

I could go on and on. I have seen lists of dozens of curious — even mysterious — deaths associated with Bill Clinton. It’s all rather circumstantial, of course, but, statistically speaking, it is something of an anomaly — certainly enough to begin raising serious questions.

But I don’t hear the questions being asked — at least not by the people who count, in Congress, Starr’s office and in the press. Until they are asked, there’s not a chance this administration will be any more accountable to the people than it has been for the last six years.

I’m not certain if these deaths are all related to politics. But another wise man, former CIA Director William Colby — himself a suspicious fatality — once said that high-profile political deaths should be assumed to be murders until proven otherwise. Colby, closely associated with Strategic Investment, a muckraking newsletter on the cutting edge of the Clinton scandals, was killed two years ago — supposedly the victim of a boating mishap.

Some people on Capitol Hill have suggested to me that the American people simply cannot handle the truth. But I don’t think we, as a nation, can afford not to.