Pork. Why the very idea! Even the word is hard to swallow. Fat. Slippery. Cholesterol-laden and certainly bad for your health. The mere thought raises one’s blood pressure to dangerous levels!

With all this unhealthy baggage, I wondered, just how could any of our elected representatives support spending our hard-earned tax dollars on:

Repairing the roads that taxpayers drive to work on each day;

The bridges that span our nation’s rivers, railroad tracks, and even other highways;

Shamelessly hand over money to companies that employ men, laboring out there in all kinds of weather, working, filling potholes, running jackhammers, driving earthmoving equipment;

Moving truckload after truckload of sand, gravel, concrete, and asphalt.

Suddenly I began to wonder … why is the money earmarked to improve the roads that I, a taxpaying citizen drive each day to work on, “pork?” And how is this “pork” different from the federal tax dollars that flow from the Hallowed Halls of Executive Restraint in D.C. coffers to:

Education — it’s a local affair. Why is any federal money being spent on teachers, administrators, lunches, school construction, and school buses (those roads again).

National Endowment for the Arts — what about the federal dollars that go to obscenity masquerading as art, supporting the deviants who produce it, and housing the city’s upper-crust local perverts while they watch it.

Buses and public transportation — somehow money that local governments spend on bus drivers’ paychecks, graffiti-encrusted buses, municipal mechanics and holiday overtime pay — suddenly this has all the life-threatening cholesterol magically politically squeezed out of it.

Environmental Protection Agency — why, all these environmental cleanup projects that just hire men, buy truckloads of sand and gravel, and criss-cross the landscape with earthmoving equipment.

As near as I can tell, what turns projects into “pork” is tied to the ownership of the pig at the federal feeding trough. Money that pours into teachers’ pockets, artists’ libidos, mass “let’s get rid of all the cars and have everyone work for the government while they ride the bus there” transit, or billions sucked into environmental sinkholes is never “pork.” The nation’s more sophisticated big-spenders don’t engage in such crass activities as “pork barrel” spending. They fund “human services,” “information superhighways,” and “midnight basketball.” And the grateful recipients of this “funding” express their sincere gratitude at election time.

No, disdainful terms like “pork” are reserved by big-media liberals for money that is actually spent for the benefit of the people who earn it and send it off to Washington, D.C.

What a concept. Soooooeeeeee!

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