There’s an Evil Empire emerging on the world scene much more insidious
than the old Soviet Union.

Back in the good old days of the Cold War, most freedom-loving people
understood what they were up against. Communism killed. Americans had
national security interests to protect. The threat of nuclear war and
conventional superpower clashes kept us on our toes.

When Moscow’s hopeless command-and-control totalitarian system imploded,
some capitalists and their useful idiots in government realized the whole
world was suddenly up for grabs.

Today, international bankers and venture capitalists are calling the
shots — maximizing profits and creating a brave new world of “stability”
and “interdependence.”

One of these masters of the universe is William H. Draper III. He made
his fortune as a founding partner of Sutter Hill Ventures in the Silicon
Valley. President George Bush named him chairman of the
Export/Import Bank in Washington. Later, George Shultz recommended him to
become president of the U.N.’s Development Bank, where, according to one
recent interviewer, “he spent his days passing out billions of dollars in
assistance to help developing nations build their industrial

Now he has a new fund, Draper International, which invests in
entrepreneurs in India and the subcontinent.

Writes Tony Perkins in a recent issue of Red Herring, a journal about
investment: “I’ll never forget how his son Tim, who started his own VC fund
in the mid-1980s, responded when his dad hung out his new shingle: ‘OK,
Dad, you can have the rest of the world; I just want Silicon Valley.'”

The senior Draper has friends in high places helping him achieve his
ambitious goals of world conquest through selective capital investment.
During U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan’s recent swing through the West,
Draper helped set up his Northern California agenda. including an interview
with Perkins.

Why would a venture capitalist like Draper be selected to establish
Annan’s itinerary? The figurehead of the New World Odor explains it best in
his own words.

“Today, one has to accept that capitalism is not a bad thing, including
those in the former Eastern Bloc,” explains Annan. “Capitalism has no
competition. But I have often maintained that the seed for the destruction
of capitalism is within itself. It is a system that has to be developed
with equity.”

And what exactly does that mean?

“We need to broaden our definition of human security,” he continues. “We
used to think of security as absence of war. Now we must define it to
include economic well-being. Leaders must focus on this idea, because
market forces alone can not deliver parity.”

So how will the New World Odor accomplish this end?

“We do quite a lot of infrastructure building,” he explains. “We try to
work with governments to introduce them to and assist them with technology
development. That’s the role Bill Draper used to play when he ran the
Development Bank. The World Bank is also playing an increasingly important
role in encouraging Third World governments to build out their networks,
and invest in technology.”

To translate this international bureaucratic jargon into plain English,
the big plan involves the transfer of wealth from the productive sectors of
the world to the unproductive. It’s a grand wealth redistribution scheme —
much bigger and ultimately more dangerous than anything ever conceived of
by Karl Marx.

It’s welfare on a grand new universal plateau.

The managers of it are people we seldom hear about or read about —
people like Bill Draper. They work in and around agencies like the World
Bank, the U.N., the International Monetary Fund, etc., etc. They’re taking
the failed policies of national socialism and applying them to a new
international order — all in the name of “capitalism.”

Kofi Annan is right about one thing. The seeds of capitalism’s
destruction are found within. But the balance to be struck has nothing to
do with “equity” or “parity.” It has to do with personal morality and
individual freedom. And those are two words we seldom hear from the New
World Odor crowd. I wonder why?

There’s a more accurate term than “capitalism” for this onerous trend.
What’s the word for a system in which special favors are doled out to
businesses by government authorities? What’s the word that means private
economic enterprise under centralized control? What do you call it when a
small, arrogant, all-knowing elite override the popular will? What’s the
system under which stability supersedes freedom and morality? The word is

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