It’s hard to keep up with Jane Fonda. She starts a brushfire
somewhere, and before the damage is even calculated, she’s throwing a
bomb somewhere else.

Her political career began in Vietnam as she laughingly straddled a
Communist anti-aircraft gun in position to shoot down U.S. pilots. Then
it was supporting Indians who nearly burned down a national historical
monument at Alcatraz island. Then she became a crusader for the
environment along with her robber baron husband Ted Turner.

Her latest cause du jour is population control on a worldwide scale.
She and Ted want widespread distribution of birth control devices of all
kinds, and, ultimately unrestricted access to the ultimate form of birth
control — abortion on demand. If it takes a new supra-global government
to make their dream a reality, Jane and Ted are on board and providing
the seed money to get started.

Those are the facts. With that in mind, I was intrigued by her
comments Wednesday before the National Press Club. The host asked the
question: “Jane, why do you think Christian conservatives object so
strongly to sex education in the school? Do they believe that their
opposition is based upon what will be taught or that sex education will
entice teen-agers to become sexually active?”

Here’s what she said in her typically incoherent,
stream-of-consciousness reply: “I want to say this just based on the
letters I get, OK? When I talk about the Christian Coalition, I’m not
talking about all the members of the Christian Coalition. I am a
Christian. I am talking about the leadership that sets the agenda,
creates the message and builds these various sophisticated campaigns. I
think that … Well, I’ll just tell you a story. I met one of the
leaders of the Christian Coalition, in, in Atlanta a few years ago. And,
we were arguing about this issue of contraception and sex education and
so forth. And I said: ‘But what do you do about the fact that two-thirds
of teen-agers have sex before they graduate high school?’ And she said
… she looked both ways, and said: ‘We’re gonna lose them.’ Well, I …
you know, I try to go into things thinking: ‘We’re really on the same
team.’ You know, we may be different, you know … and stuff, but we’re
all working for the good of the children. That meeting showed me that I
was completely naive. I’m talking about the leadership. I’m not talking
about the people who hear the message that sounds good and goes along.
They don’t care about children that don’t look like them. They don’t
care about children that are not white, middle-class Christians. As far
as they are concerned others can be eliminated. This is a holy war. And
everything for our children is at stake. And we have to get just as
involved as … People who are on a crusade are passionate. We have to
be on a crusade and be just as passionate on behalf of our children but
not use the same tactics — not use lies, not use misinformation and
scare tactics.”

Fonda’s comments, by the way, were met with enthusiastic applause
from the beltway press establishment.

Now, where do you start with a diatribe like this? I guess the first
place is to point out the way Fonda accuses her political opponents of
doing exactly what she is doing. Of course, she would never use “scare
tactics” and lies and misinformation. But watch out for these
Christians! They don’t care about children dying! It’s the oldest smear
tactic in the playbook of the left.

Who is it that is truly promoting the elimination of brown and black
babies throughout the world? It’s Ted and Jane and their friends in the
population control movement. They are the ones saying point-blank that
there are just too many poor, brown and black babies being born. The
numbers need to be strictly controlled. They point with pride to China’s
government-enforced, one-child-per-family rule as a model for the rest
of the world. Do you hear any conservative Christians saying this?

I note, too, that Jane is now calling herself a “Christian.”
Interesting. Does this mean she and Ted now repudiate his calling
Christianity a “religion of losers”? I wonder why no one at the press
club bothered to ask her about that? Maybe they were just too busy

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