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The end of privacy

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do
nothing.” Edmund Burke said. What he didn’t say was just what a
persistent, consistent, stubborn s.o.b. evil can be.

There have been numerous attempts to introduce and mandate a national
identification card system. Freedom lovers have fought time and time
again to impede the progress of the controllers from eroding the
Constitution and Bill of Rights. However, it seems no sooner do we win a
skirmish, that our would-be masters attack again … and again, and
again, and again.

Like the proverbial bad penny, the national ID beast is back again
… with a vengeance.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has published the proposed
“Driver’s License/SSN/National Identification Document” guidelines. This
draconian disaster will compel all states to comply within the next two
years. The “Notice of Proposed Rule Making” establishes the “standard
feature” requirements for driver’s license cards and other
“identification” documents. Those states which do not comply will
discover their citizens will not be allowed to participate in normal
life-essential functions subsequent to the Oct. 1, 2000 deadline. After
the deadline, any licenses which do not conform, will not be accepted by
any federal agency for identification.

In the wake of the “Administrative Procedures Act” federal agencies
must announce their intention to execute new rules, and they must
provide an opportunity for the general public to comment.

Under the provisions of the last assault on privacy, no later than
Oct. 1, 2000, ALL state driver’s licenses must be linked to the social
security number of the individual (yeah, I know they TOLD us the social
security number was ONLY to be used for tax collecting purposes … so
they lied). State ID cards must also be linked to social security
numbers, and (get THIS) — plans are to issue state identification cards
to minors! You have a problem with this? “Show me your papers!”

Thanks in part to the Dianne Feinstein cabal, each individual must
submit biometric identification which will be compiled in a national
database. The biometric component of choice currently is fingerprints,
which is already in effect in many states like California, but retinal
scans and DNA prints are also being considered.

Every driver’s license or ID card will be required to include a
magnetic strip, imbedded computer chip which will contain the social
security number information. However, a visual display of the private
social security number on the face of the card (for all to see) is
apparently preferred.

All Americans will be required to present this new federally approved
ID whenever you apply for job. Before being hired you will have to be
checked against the national database. Why? Supposedly to determine if
you are a potential terrorist (which could include membership in a
patriot organization, militia, or publisher or writer of any
“anti-government” newsletter, on line service, et al. Big Brother
“needs” to identify if you are a deadbeat dad, tax protester, or illegal
alien (I guess so they can grant you amnesty). You will also need your
government approved ID to travel. In fact, EVERY state must issue the
federally approved ID.

In the wake of current court interpretations and “implied consent”
statutes written into most state driver’s license laws, NO probable
cause is required for vehicle stops. In fact, under the new rules, you
may be stopped any time at the whim of the official to check the

your person … yes, you may be searched without a warrant.
your blood, to search for use of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine,
barbiturates, opiates, psychotropic drugs, or prescription drugs.
your breath
your insurance and registration. Here in California failure to
prove either may result in seizure and sale of your private property by
the state.
your vehicle and its contents, both of which may be searched at
any time without warrant.

Without the new and improved government ID you will not be able to seek
medical care. Medicare and other state services are already linked to
the social security number. This would be extended to all medical care,
even if you pay for it yourself. You will not be able to enroll your
children in school. Eventually all children will have their very own ID
card and national databases will maintain their vaccination records,
behavioral problems, and history of drug use, et cetera.

If you decide to flee your new draconian control beasts, you’ll have
a problem. Passports will only be issued to those who already have the
federal approved ID card. No surprise firearms purchases are affected,
Federal databases will be linked to the national ID, and you won’t be
able to buy a gun without the appropriate bits and bytes residing in a
federal archive.

You will not be allowed to work without this new federally mandated
mark. State licensing will be extended to virtually everything, thereby
making it illegal to work without a license, and guess what? You can’t
get a license to work without first presenting your federally approved
national ID. Banking? No federal ID, no banking, no check cashing, no

This is NOT radical right-wing paranoia. Most of the elements of the
new proposed national ID system are already in place NOW. The next step
is for all information to be coordinated and completely accessible to
any and all bureaucrats for their arbitrary and capricious abuse.

The national ID card itself (which you will be required to carry)
will have a magnetic strip (or chip) which is imbedded in it. That means
YOU (when you have your mandated national ID card on your person) could
be tracked wherever you go. Privacy will be an anachronism.

Government is supposed to serve we the people. However, as George
Washington observed, “Government is not reason: It is not eloquence, it
is Force, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

Geoff Metcalf can be heard Monday-Friday on KSFO, 560AM in Northern
California. Visit his web site for information about his newsletter.

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