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Making a List, Checking it Twice

Recent disclosures reported on WorldNetDaily (Monday, July 20, 1998)
acknowledge that Linda Tripp’s FBI files were among those passed to
the Clinton White House shortly after Louis Freeh was appointed FBI
director by Mr. Clinton. Monday also marked the seventh day of Ms.
Tripp’s testimony before Mr. Starr’s grand jury. The Freeh
appointment occurred the day after Vincent Foster’s death,
immediately following the presidential firing of then-FBI director
William Sessions.

The “memo” below was first published in Conservative Consensus in
the Spring of 1996, prior to Mr. Clinton’s reelection campaign. Is
it fictional? Most definitely. Does it reflect reality? You be the


To: Louis Freeh, FBI Director
From: Bill Clinton
Subject: The Enemies List

Dear Louis:

Hey, Buddy! Thanks for the quick work on getting
those Republican files over here. Hillary’s got ’em stashed up in
the bedroom at the White House — so they’re nice and safe.

Hey, I gotta tell ya: They make GREAT reading!
I like to curl up with a stack of them before I go to sleep at
night. Makes for pleasant dreams, if you know what I mean. …

I know this “derogatory info” sheet is just rumor
and innuendo, but where did you guys dig up this stuff on James
Baker? Man, I’ll tell ya — if he so much as thinks about stick’in
his nose into the Dole campaign or endorsing anybody. … Hey,
I thought the Arkansas State Police were good — you guys are in
another league entirely!

But Louie — yeah, the stuff on these Republicans is
great. It ought to keep their mouths shut as we go into the
election — at least the ones who have any sense. But do you know
what’s really just the best? This stuff on these reporters! This
Bro– (I almost forgot, no names!). … I’d of never guessed!
There’s no way he’s going to get out of line! And even down to the
local radio and TV anchors? You guys don’t miss much, do you? And
you’re telling me you’ve got files on ALL these White House
reporters? Louie — with this kind of database — I just KNOW I’m
gonna be the most-loved President in the history of journalism!

Anyway, send over the next batch of files, Louie.
Hillary and me gotta get through this stuff before the campaign
cranks up this Fall. (Oh, and Louie? Marking that file on Flowers
to Hillary’s attention … nice touch, I get the joke, but don’t do
it again.)

Luv Ya,

[As a 1998 postscript, and one that is regrettably not fictional, we
might add how entertaining it will be for officials in the Gore/2000
Administration to read the medical records of political opponents and
grass-roots troublemakers. Records will be much easier to centralize
when your doctor, dentist, and psychiatrist are all using the new
national medical identification number, reported on WorldNetDaily
July 20.]