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Reno's bogus foreign money probe

The 1996 presidential election was bought and paid for by foreign
interests hostile to a free America, and it is becoming increasingly
clear to all observers that the Justice Department isn’t going to do a
damn thing about it.

“Twenty-one months after accusations of illegal fund raising arose
from President Clinton’s re-election campaign, law enforcement officials
concede they have no big cases to show for their effort and express
doubts that they will obtain evidence to warrant prosecution of senior
White House or Democratic Party officials,” The New York Times reported

Furthermore, Janet Reno’s hapless investigators admit they will never
“answer questions at the heart of the inquiry; that is, whether there
was a plot by the Chinese military behind contributions to the
Democratic Party that may have been intended to help Beijing gain easier
access to American space technology, and whether any Democratic Party or
White House officials knew of the Chinese effort.”

Even the apparent rolling over of Johnny Chung wasn’t enough for the
Justice Department to catch any big fish.

“Although he provided what was apparently a link between the Chinese
military and the Democratic Party, the officials said, it remained
uncertain whether his information would implicate any officials at the
Democratic National Committee or in the White House,” the Times report

Well, let me end the suspense, folks. It is a certainty the Justice
Department will not implicate any higher-ups.

In other words, it’s over. The cover-up is complete. It’s a whitewash
of epic proportions. A coup d’etat has been achieved. America’s
venerable political institutions have been sold to the most corrupt
bidder. Not even John Huang will be held accountable for his illegal
$1.6 million in contributions from China. Forget about the other 108
witnesses who have either left the country, refused to be interviewed or
invoked the Fifth Amendment.

A few Republicans express disappointment at the results. But it’s a
little late in the game. There will be no independent counsel on this
one. They should have nailed Reno when they had the chance. Now they are
complicit in the fraud upon the American people.

Just listen to the weak-kneed criticism of the probe from Sen. Fred
Thompson: “I think the people running this thing are people of
integrity. But they refuse to acknowledge the hopelessly conflicted
situation they are in. If they continue to travel down this road and
wind up where it looks like they are headed, it’s going to look a lot
like a cover-up.”

Oooooooo! Biting words, huh? No kidding, it’s going to look like a
cover-up! It has been just that from day one. What did these jokers
expect? Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee will put on a good show by
grilling Reno and complaining about her investigation. What it will all
mean in the end is that the guilty will go unpunished. Republicans will
try to score political points, but weakness, impotence and uncertainty
are seldom viewed by voters as characteristics for effective leadership.
The inept GOP will probably pay a bigger price at the polls than they

Once again, Reno has played the good soldier. The woman who brought
us Waco, where American men, women and children who represented no
threat to anyone were shot, burned and run over by tanks, could find no
wrong-doing in the biggest political scandal in American history. This
scandal just happened. The politicians and their managers were innocent

The president, who takes credit for every tittle of public policy
successes, knew nothing of the millions of dollars of foreign gifts that
were showered upon him by Chinese military and intelligence operatives.
The vice president, and 1996 fundraiser-in-chief, did nothing worth

Oh, sure, a few people with funny names will serve a little time.
They’ll take the fall — probably on instructions from their superiors.
Meanwhile, President Clinton has achieved one of his stated foreign
policy objectives — making America more like China, where free
elections are unknown and the political game is always rigged by force
and the threat of force.

Maybe Mao was right: Maybe political power really does grow out of
the barrel of a gun. Between Clinton and his political partner-in-crime,
Jiang Zemin, they control an awful lot of firepower.