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Some dare call it treason

“The more you look into this business of the transfer of advanced,
sophisticated technology to the Chinese military, which seems to be
clearly for campaign contributions, the harder it is to stay away from
words like treason,” says House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

The obvious question that statement raises, of course, is, “Then why
shy away from such words?”

I’ve been using that word for some time. It’s a powerful word, a
compelling word and an accurate word to describe what Bill Clinton has
committed, not once, but several times as president.

We all know about the Loral Corp.’s transfer of technology that
permitted the criminal regime in Beijing to better target U.S. cities
with nuclear weapons. I believe the Rosenbergs were executed for a crime
similar in nature, but one which actually left our civilian population
far less vulnerable.

One little fact still overlooked, in fact, to my knowledge, still
unreported by any other news agency in the world besides this one, is
that Loral was at the time of the transfer and remains today in a formal
business partnership with the Chinese military. In other words,
President Clinton approved, over the objections of his Justice
Department and State Department, Loral’s use of Chinese rocket
technology to boost sensitive satellites into orbit when its chairman,
Bernard Schwartz, the biggest individual contributor to his 1996
re-election campaign, was working hand-in-glove with, arguably, the most
oppressive regime on the planet. Schwartz was Clinton’s first choice, by
the way, to be secretary of Defense.

Another overlooked angle on who owns Clinton dates back much further.
Do you know who was the largest contributor to Clinton’s first
presidential race in 1992? Can you guess who provided more campaign cash
than the National Education Association, all other labor unions, any
political action committees and all other individuals and families?
Mochtar and James Riady. And do you know who the Riadys are? Besides
being Indonesian billionaires, they are strongly suspected by Clinton’s
own FBI of being intelligence agents for Beijing. Their history with
Clinton goes all the way back to his earliest political days in Little
Rock when he first sought to become Arkansas’ attorney general. Why were
these billionaires, so cozy with the Chinese Communists, interested in
this relatively obscure politician as far back as the 1970s?

Clinton’s long and profitable relationship with the Riadys raises the
question of his motives behind the federalization of Utah’s Grande
Staircase of the Escalante, the largest coal and mineral reserve in the
U.S. The area was about to begin mining the highest quality coal
available in the world, with a value estimated to be $1 trillion. The
only other coal that could compete in terms of quality comes from a mine
in Indonesia owned by, you guessed it, the Riadys.

Then there’s the little matter of the former U.S. Naval Base at Long
Beach, Calif. A plan is still under consideration to turn the base over
to the Chinese Overseas Shipping Co., or COSCO, a virtual subsidiary of
the Chinese military and a den of Communist spies. Who was the architect
of this incredible plan? The president of the United States — Bill
Clinton. The president held two meetings, one in the White House with
his chief of staff and deputy secretary of defense, to lobby for the
deal. The White House proposed the concept to local officials in Long

You want more? Clinton denounces U.S. politicians who accept American
tobacco money and gratefully takes it himself from a Chinese
government-owned tobacco monopoly. Clinton hates automatic weapons, but
weeks after a Chinese gun-running company, Poly Technologies, is caught
attempting to smuggle 2,000 AK-47s into the U.S to arm L.A. street
gangs, the president has coffee with the head of the firm in the White
House. Clinton hates U.S.-made semi-automatics, too, but when Wang Jun,
president of that same Poly Technologies, escorted by Charlie Trie,
visits the White House, the president approves a shipment of more than
100,000 such weapons into the United States. Clinton’s own staff warns
him off John Huang, an operative of the Riadys’ Lippo Group, yet the
president personally intervenes to get him a top-security clearance at
the Commerce Department. I could go on and on. But you get the picture.

There is only one logical conclusion to draw from this pattern. The
president of the United States is, at best, severely compromised by the
Chinese and, at worst, bought and paid for by them. Either way, it
spells the same thing — treason with a capital T.

And, yes, all you Monica Lewinsky fans and cigar aficionados, treason
is most definitely an impeachable offense.