I think that I shall pen a POEM.
It may not rhyme but that alone
Makes it no less a work of art,
Otherwise, why feign to start?

I work my words deftly still.
No one can fight my dogged will.
I need no honor, truth or shame,
Only the man Ken Starr to blame.

Yes I lied, but in no way
The truth I hid, it’s not the same.
Sometimes lies are really truth.
Just ask the people, they’re not obtuse.

I took an oath to defend
The Constitution to the end.
But I never said that my defense
Would include my own offense.

Sex. Hah! How does that relate
To a sexual harassment case?
Why should I be to a standard held
Like the people with which our country swells?

Oh, yes I take responsibility.
But consequences will always be
Something which I cannot accept.
From me what else would you expect?

A book, a brooch, a pin for her hat,
How could I have forgotten all of that?
It must have just slipped my mind.
They’ll understand because they’re kind.

The millions that Ken Starr has spent,
All his fault! Could I relent?
How could I know I must repent?
I hadn’t heard the evidence yet!

The privileges, I tried them all!
Executive privilege was my call,
Protective privilege, that was unique,
Attorney client, no less oblique.

I sent my minions out to destroy
Their reputations, but a toy!
Partisans, trash, liars all!
The people, daily, we enthrall.

Carville, my favorite, was so good,
Beside me, that Cajun always stood.
He wreaked havoc night after night,
Betraying his trust was not my slight.

They say the tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive,
May lead to far worse misdeeds
Perjury, obstruction, but what are these?

“I didn’t inhale,” that you believe,
For the money, Flowers did deceive!
But for Starr, Sue would be free.
They’re all against me, can’t you see?

Though I may twist, contort, distort
In no way can you abort
My position as your president,
Or your vote will be misspent.

I have so much, much more to do!
The Chinese will say that’s true.
Executive orders I must write,
Future emergencies are your plight.

And other grave issues you still face,
Federal daycare, I still embrace,
Car seats, smoking still await,
Federal powers I will create.

Trust me, trust me, trust me still,
I can do all that you will.
All you wish, to you I give.
But as your chief, I must still live.

I’ll take care of you, you’ll see!
My paternal touch will set you free.
Save me! Your savior, for I cry,
If not for me “the children” die!

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