You believe asking for Mr. Clinton’s resignation or proceeding
with impeachment are ill advised. You say we must “balance” the effect
on our country. with the question of justice.

People, I know if you think about this for a while,
you will understand the fallacy of this thinking. Our Founding Fathers did not include the
provision for impeachment with hesitation. They knew the presidency
was a tremendously powerful position which could be abused with impunity
unless the people through their congressmen could remove the president
for reasons less than criminal. They intended political acts of infidelity
to be prosecuted. Now, perjury is a crime, but they intended that
offenses less than “crimes” should and must be acted upon. Why?
Because a man with the power of a president could and most likely would at some time
skirt the law because of the authority he commands.
The authority given to him did not put him above the law. Because
of his position of authority, responsibility, and power he was to be held
to a higher standard. The standard of a leader. A leader is a person put in
a position of power as long as he warrants the trust, esteem, and respect of
those he leads. If he does not command trust and respect, by definition, he can
not be a leader.

The president has done things which if any other
man in a position of authority were caught doing, would be fired.
Why are they fired? A pastor, scout master, principal, dean, professor,
executive, etc. would all be dismissed from their positions. Using
the apologist’s logic, “What of the effect on the congregation, troup, school, university,
company, etc? Ludicrous isn’t it? The destruction would be
most detrimental if the man were allowed to stay and given a pass.
Why? Obviously because he now lacks the moral authority to govern,
advise, chastise and dismiss. Subordinates, looking to their leader for a model
will have the wrong character to imitate. The church, organization, company, or people has now endorsed the modeling of destructive behavior by their
members, students, peers and employees. Has that helped the organization?
No, doomed it to failure or at the very least: many future problems.
Now, when the lowly member, employee, citizen etc. is found guilty of the same
crime, they cannot be disciplined or fired.

The president is an employee who has lied to his
employer (the sovereign people of the U.S.) Employers are not required
to prove criminal negligence to dismiss an ineffective or destructive employee.
Mr. Clinton cannot represent what the American people or their legacy like a pastor or teacher in the same position.
Any CEO who had sex with his employee (especially a young woman and worse
yet, in his company’s office); lied to his board and stock holders; manipulated,
pressured employees; covered-up evidence, humiliated his
family; lied to a grand-jury investigating the charges, offered preferential
treatment and positions to his mistress, gave jobs to an unqualified person over other applicants, created an environment in which the other employees would believe that their position were
minimized if they did not “perform.” Remember, is illegal in the government to give unqualified applicants a position over other qualified applicants because of personal reasons! Monica was fired by the White House because of her immaturity and then given a position
with a higher level than Top Secret! Can you imagine a company’s CEO giving his immature girlfriend a position in their top-secret research department?

What some of you have internalized is the misconception that an elected official (even the president) should be held to a lower standard than other leaders or even the American public. If a man cannot represent his company (or country), he has effectively
resigned his position. It happens in America every day.

Do you think other people (average Americans) who are sitting
in jail for the offense of perjury (even regarding their sexual affairs)
would for a moment believe this a fair turn? A small dig: Do you
think they, because of their average lives deserve greater punishment?
Or is it that as we imagine ourselves in the position of this man with his power and prestige,
in sort of a mythical, dreamlike subconscious state, we cannot deal with
“our” vicarious ascendancy to power, admiration and riches and then contemplate “our” lose
and humiliation? Empathy can be taken too far.

Some of you seem to believe that impeachment is inherently
bad for our country. Why? We are the only country in the entire
world that allows for this process. When we impeach a hopelessly corrupt
president we reaffirm our nation’s greatest, most critical foundation: the
rule of law! Now, you seem believe that allowing a confirmed,
unrepentent, criminal to remain in office is preferable to replacing him.
I would hate to invest in a business with that philosophy. But more
importantly, I would hate to be subjected to a government led by a man
with this character.

Remember one very important thing, Bill: Mr.
Clinton’s actions are worse and deserve greater sanction than the pastor,
scout leader, professor, dean, principal, or executive! Why? because he holds the fate of hundreds of millions of people in his hands! A pastor can ruin the work of a couple of thousand people. The professor can destroy the minds or morals of hundreds, maybe thousands of students. An executive can cripple a company with thousands of employees. The congregation can get a new church down the street. The student can transfer to another college. The employee can work elsewhere. Even the Californian or Floridian can choose to move to another state if their govenor is corrupt. Where, sir and madam do you suggest we the American people go when our “leader” has betrayed our trust?

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