“You know, by the time you become the leader of a country, someone
else makes all the decisions.” — Bill Clinton September 4, 1998

Well, shut my mouth. The president of the United States admits
publicly that he is the puppet of larger powers — that “someone else,”
in fact, “makes all the decisions.”

Of course, those who understand how power really works in this nation
recognize the veracity of his statement immediately. But for Bill to
state it so openly is truly remarkable — not just for its honesty, but
for its recklessness.

In a glib and Freudian moment, it just slipped out.

It appears Bill is “getting it.”

Clinton was reminded the week of Aug. 25 that The Agenda Transcended
the Man. He was given a heads-up that his removal from office would have
to happen. The New York Times intoned, “But if there is no hope for the
agenda, what need is there for the man?” Garry Wills also called for his
resignation, writing, “[Clinton] would be saying that the goals he
fought for are more important than personal pride or prerogatives.”
Other former sycophants in the press piped up using minor variations of
the same phraseology: Clinton should resign because the “agenda”
transcends the man. The Agenda is paramount.

Yet, Bill still didn’t “get it” — that in his pact with the devil,
the devil held the upper hand. In typical Bill psycho-fashion, he
thought he could once again charm his way out of removal; and make a
“show of force” to prove to his masters that he still had the right
stuff to salvage his career and continue with the Agenda. To that end,
his White House staff — a separate operation from the power brokers —
was told by Bill to pull out all stops to save his presidency.

But suddenly there were leaks to the Washington Post that there were
more bimbos than just Monica in Bill’s White House closets. “I never had
an affair with the President, but all the others who have get to stay,”
Monica allegedly whined to Clinton aide Marsha Scott while pleading to
be returned to a White House position.

More forcefully, the power brokers served Bill notice that their
demands for removal were to be taken seriously when the Department of
Justice, out of the blue, announced that the President himself — Bill
Clinton — was the subject of a NEW 90-day investigation into campaign
donation illegalities. On three — count ’em — three separate prior
occasions, Attorney General Janet Reno had formally investigated such
charges and declared there was “nothing there.” Publicly, no new
information had come to light, but suddenly there was the alarming
notion that there was a “there, there” and it involved Bill Clinton

The message: Bill, you will do what we tell you. We can do this the
easy way or the hard way. Start packing your bags. Bill is “getting it,”

Bill is resigning himself to his resignation.

The President has not yet identified for us who this “someone else”
is who really puppets the highest office of our land. So for purposes of
discussion, let’s just give them an identifier. Borrowing from John
LeCarre’s “The Night Manager,” let’s call them “Flagship.”

Flagship, of course, knows not only where all the bodies are buried
— literally and figuratively — but has the wherewithal to pick through
them all, choosing one misdeed after another, exposing them one by one
until Bill relents. It’s blackmail. And blackmail works unless you
handle it in the manner Rep. Dan Burton has in the past couple of days.
Bill Clinton is incapable — truly incapable — of doing what Burton
did. Truly.

“You may find you can get away with virtual presidents, virtual prime
ministers, virtual everything.” — Bill Clinton, September 4, 1998

This is another Freudian lament, verbalized by a Bill Clinton who
finally “gets it.” He was and is the VIRTUAL PRESIDENT. By his own
admission, he was a front, with no power to make decisions. By his own
admission, they were made for him, by “someone else.” They were made by
those whom Flagship had placed in lower level, under-the-radar positions
within the cabinet. They didn’t even have to ask Bill’s permission. They
got their orders, and implemented them.

Bill’s job was to pretend — pretend he was the leader, pretend he
was in charge — maintain the façade of a “virtual” president in a
“virtual” democracy where a “virtual” rule of law exists. In fact, the
levers of power were already controlled — controlled so precisely, in
fact, as to make the president irrelevant, controlled by people who have
never been elected to office, and whose names we do not even know.

Flagship cannot afford impeachment hearings. There is an Agenda, and
a timeline that must be maintained. It is of utmost importance that the
new leader be installed immediately. Therefore, I would not be surprised
if Bill is gone within two weeks or less.

If you consider Bill’s virtual presidency, you know the words he
spoke are true. He was so much a puppet that he even dispensed with the
appearance of business. He cut off daily briefings, which every other
president attended. He lengthened the time between other regularly
scheduled meetings. He hardly ever meets — or even talks — to his
cabinet members. Recall Warren Christopher, the first Secretary of
State, and William Perry, the Secretary of Defense, expressing extreme
frustration that they could not get a meeting with the president, even
in times of crisis.

Instead, poor, useless Bill was busy playing golf, jogging, or on one
of his many, many vacations. Having his weekly dinners with his Arkie
crowd, screening new movies, attending fundraisers at the pace of 30 a
month, playing host to a legion of Lincoln bedroom guests, and having
coffee with drug smugglers, arms dealers, terrorists, communists and
crony capitalists. In between, he was juggling his many women,
coordinating their liaisons and cover stories. Plus all that time he
devoted to considering how he could provide answers that were “legally
correct” but “misleading” in all of his many scandals. Phew, I am
exhausted just thinking about it.

How many times have we said during this presidency — who is really
running this country when we have a president who is missing in action?
Time and again, it was apparent that Bill Clinton was not on task doing
presidential duties. But for him to admit it, openly — whoa! Surely he
doesn’t think his scorched earth policy extends to his masters, does he?
Is he truly so arrogant that he thinks he can take them down, too, in a
child-like temper tantrum? If so, he is truly playing with fire. But I
suspect, no. Bill may have harbored those thoughts last week, but is
seeing the light, now. His unguarded comments were purely Freudian
meanderings of the mind.

Clinton made the reckless error of speaking his thoughts out loud. As
stupid as this was, it is not so surprising. It is intimately a part of
this man’s sick psychology that he would want to provide excuses for his
problems outside of himself — to explain that it really isn’t his
fault. After all, I don’t really have any power — I am a virtual
president. I am not to blame. I am a victim — I was just doing what I
was told.

Bill has always been a victim of someone else, and never responsible
for his own actions. As we pull our love away from him, it becomes ever
so much more important to his psyche that he win us over. He can’t help
himself. He must explain, and win us back. Biographers have often noted
that Clinton would be in a room full of adoring fans, and one person who
wasn’t enthralled. Clinton would devote all his energy to charming that
one person. There is pathology to this man that is ingrained. Without
reflected adoration, there is no Bill Clinton. He ceases to exist.

But if he doesn’t contain himself, and stop trying to make public
excuses that touch this close to the heart of power in this nation, he’s
putting himself in extreme jeopardy. Flagship must be assured that
Clinton will never expose his masters and the Agenda. And this is a real
fear — they, too, understand the psyche of Bill Clinton.

When Bill resigns, he will have to go deeply off the radar screen —
I mean no mention of him. Disappear. There can be no distractions as the
Agenda barges forward. But Bill’s psyche cannot tolerate this — his
must have sycophants and lovers — he is no one without the human mirror
of his success. I remind you of what happened to him after he lost the
governor’s race in Arkansas 20 years ago. Study that period. This was a
pathetic man, deep in depression, who approached perfect strangers and
asked them why they hadn’t voted for him. It conjures up visions of a
former President calling up Larry King Live and blathering on that he’s
lonely and misunderstood, ala O.J. Simpson.

Flagship cannot afford a Bill Clinton behaving this way, and possibly
exposing their Agenda. Therefore, I suspect that not only will Bill
Clinton be removed from office — i.e. forced to resign — before the
end of September, but I also strongly fear that Bill will commit
Arkancide within the year.

Bill was always in “the game” for Bill. Hillary was always in this
for the Agenda. She has always believed that the Agenda transcended the
man, which is why she has always put up with — beyond rational
endurance — Bill’s shenanigans. She knew from the get-go that they were
the chosen ones, part of a select stable from whom the anointed, the
“someone else” Bill referred to, would choose to lead us into
convergence, the Third Way. This Third Way is part of a long-term
strategy that was developed 40 years ago.

Knowing this, Hillary stuck with Bill because her allegiance — above
all else — has always been to the Agenda. And because this is still
true, she cannot possibly stay with Bill now that he has become a
liability. To cheers and salutations, she will divorce Bill Clinton
shortly after he resigns, and no one will blink an eye. She will divorce
him not because he’s “done her wrong” but because he is no longer
useful. Then Hillary, in all her glory, will be unleashed on this world.
She will have her own, not reflected, power most likely as Queen of the
World through her new U.N. position. Maybe things aren’t looking so bad
for Hillary, after all.

Rahm Emanuel, in continuing his attacks against Independent Counsel
Kenneth Starr last week invoked the ghost of military strategist Karl
Von Clausewitz.

“Clausewitz [sic] said war is an extension of politics, by other
means.” Odd. A former ballet dancer a student of Von Clausewitz?

Would you agree that the Clintons and their supporters resort to all
sorts of stratagems, maneuvers, illegal methods, evasions and subterfuge
to achieve their objectives?

Would you?

Does the record of their actions comport with that statement?


Those are the exact words of Lenin, when he laid out his plans for
global communism.

Missy Kelly is a writer-researcher and political analyst.

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