Bill Clinton has been portrayed as a president who has a heart for
people, a man who has great empathy for each and every individual,
unless of course an individual happens to be an attractive, vulnerable
member of the opposite sex. These individuals apparently are fair game,
sport. Far too many individual women who have been, or are now in, that
category have been hurt by this man. The other people who have been hurt
most by the actions of this president are the two people who love him
most — his wife and daughter.

Our president’s psychological problems were brought to light in 1992
in an article written by Matthew Cooper for U.S. News & World Report
entitled, “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton.” Mr. Clinton apparently
discovered the nature of the problem when his entire family went to a
therapist to help brother Roger with his drug problem. At that time it
was revealed that both of the Clinton brothers suffered from a disorder
known as the Adult Child of an Alcoholic Syndrome which manifests itself
in various forms of compulsive behaviors. In Bill Clinton’s case, the
compulsion that is obvious is sex.

Compulsions are stronger when an individual who struggles with them
is placed in stressful situations. However, instead of seeking the help
he needed, Bill Clinton decided to run for the most stressful job in the
world, United States president.

We don’t know what part Mrs. Clinton played in this decision, but at
some point, whether swept along by loyalty, a desire to earn a place in
history, or to control the most powerful government in all the world,
she also made a decision to stay with this broken individual as he
pursued power instead of wholeness.

We are being told that, despite his sexual deceit, the lies, the
coverup, that he has been a good president. Can it be that a man who
yields to temptation in the one area of his life that matters most to
the people he loves, can stand against temptation in areas that matters
most to people he does not know at all, the people who elected him

Our country is bigger than the current occupant of the White House,
and it will be stronger the day Bill Clinton decides to step aside. If
he truly has a heart for people, he now has a perfect opportunity to
prove it. For once in his political life, he has an opportunity to give
something away that costs him, not the millions of nameless, faceless
individuals he represents.

If he cannot do the noble thing and step aside, than we must ask
ourselves, “Can Clinton remain true to us and resist the advances of the
Red Chinese, the seduction of international businessmen who offer him
the promise of a ‘good time’ in return for the special favors that we
pay for in hundreds of different ways?”

Of course not! If we leave this man in office, we will continue to
suffer, just as his family, friends and trusted employees have suffered.
And we, like they, will become enablers.

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