“The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers
of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will. … The getting
of treasures by a lying tongue is a vanity tossed to and fro
of them that seek death. The robbery of the wicked shall
destroy them; because they refuse to do judgment.” Proverbs
21:1, 6-7

As Democrats flee the stench oozing from the rotting carcass of the
Clinton administration, we should weigh their new-found fervency
for public righteousness against their actions.

Do the elder statesmen of the Democratic party — Senators Patrick
Moynihan, Bob Kerrey, Pat Leahy, Joe Lieberman and friends —
actually expect us to believe that they have only now learned of
the shameful, depraved behavior of their commander-in-chief?

Since early 1994, a small army of struggling newsletters, radio
talk show hosts, and more recently Internet journalists have
reported the trail of destruction in the path of the Arkansas
mafia, as Bill and Hillary Clinton moved their machine from the
governor’s mansion to the White House:

Whitewater, used to defraud Madison Guarantee Savings & Loan and
the taxpayers saddled with its downfall;

Castle Grande and other frauds and obstructions perpetrated by
Hillary while at the Rose Law Firm;

Cattle futures used as payoffs to Hillary;

Mena and ADFA (Arkansas Development and Finance Authority),
tailor-made by Bill for his drug-smuggling friends;

Rose Law Firm lawyer Webster Hubbell and Hillary Clinton
partner, appointed to clandestinely run the U.S. Justice
Department and take the heat off the Clintons, while hiding from
public view under the skirts of Janet Reno; removed and imprisoned
for defrauding his own law firm; handsomely rewarded for his

Louie Freeh, FBI Director appointed to cover up the death of
Vincent Foster and to feed re-election intelligence in the form of
1,400 FBI background files on Clinton enemies to the Democratic
reelection effort;

Travelgate, the illegal firing of long-time civil servants and
destruction of their reputations and life savings, for the benefit
of the Friends of Bill;

Treasonous sale of U.S. computer technology, encryption
technology, and military hardware to a communist government that
imprisons and executes Christian pastors for their religious faith,
and uses democracy advocates as prison labor to generate the
profits to illegally fund Democratic reelection efforts;

Commerce Secretary Ron Brown’s little Democratic National
Committee sideline: the sale of trade missions to “cooperative”
donor firms, the dropped investigation at his death; and many,
many more.

For their efforts, the reporters and editors who struggled to
report these facts about the reincarnated Camelot regime were
vilified by taxpayer-supported, $450-per-hour attack dogs and
willfully ignorant mainline reporters. Some, like the Western
Journalism Center, were saddled with politically-motivated audits
by the Internal Revenue Service, designed to silence any who spoke

The “real” press, meanwhile, was too busy printing government
propaganda releases to be bothered investigating their beloved’s
sexual or social proclivities. Armed with the Clintons’ family
motto — character doesn’t matter — you played his tune while you
pimped for his administration. You didn’t know? Washington leaks
like a sieve; the only thing you didn’t know was that he would be
caught by Kenneth Starr — a man you hate in proportion to his
religious faith, honesty, and integrity.

Mr. Moynihan, Mr. Kerrey, Mr. Leahy, Mr. Lieberman, and the rest
of you Democrats who voted with, supported, and defended the
Clinton administration: all of you smelled early on the corrupt
stench of the lawless mob you helped to elect. Not only did you
not hold your nose; you deeply and repeatedly inhaled, savoring
the smell of the power they brought with them: The Secret Service,
the FBI, the IRS; your own little taste of Democratic immortality.

The principles that helped bring you to Washington were abandoned
— left to die in the ditch by the road to D.C. — years before
Mr. Clinton ever moved into the White House. You have remained
silent while good men and women were chewed up and spit out by
this corrupt beast devouring our government and our way of life.
You voted to fund the evil that fed it. You defended it. You are
part and parcel of it. You are married body and soul to the
Clintons, their scandals, and their god-forsaken agenda of power-
at-any-cost. Do not imagine that by roasting a well-publicized
crow or two, you will escape the election fires now being prepared
for your party. I commend to you the seventh chapter of the book
of Esther for a picture of your fate. Bon Appetit.

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