Despite occasional failures, I really try to focus on what is
right or wrong rather than who. Notwithstanding criticism of the
s.o.b. (supporters of bill) brigade, I have been, and am, an equal
opportunity offender. I have eviscerated Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott
with the same analysis I have leveled at Bill Clinton and his myriad

It has been widely reported that Congressman Dan Burton is flawed. He
has admitted to having had an affair, and having fathered a 15-year-old
son he had not previously publicly acknowledged. President Bill Clinton
has kinda, sorta admitted to a couple of affairs, and has routinely
lied, and compelled others to lie. However, the two tainted politicians
are as different as right and wrong … or are they?

These two political rivals are VERY different in many ways. The way
each man is handling the embarrassment is very telling of the character
(or lack of character) of the men.

Clinton’s “bimbo eruptions” have become legend. The president’s
“inappropriate” relationships, and the attendant lies, obfuscation, and
policy of “deny, delay, destroy” have been routine and ongoing. Clinton
has lied to most everyone around him, and has imposed on supporters to
lie for him (presumably without their knowledge in some cases). Burton’s
infidelity wasn’t only known and discussed within the privacy of his
family, but he also assumed responsibility for it. He pays child
support, and he has endeavored to protect not only his own political
persona, but also the innocent son he fathered and his previous
girlfriend. That is to Burton’s credit. However, unanswered questions
which may soon be revealed could further undermine and potentially
destroy the congressman’s credibility and career.

It has been alleged that Vanity Fair magazine (with White House
guidance and support) launched an investigation into the Burton past.
Hundreds of interviews were conducted, and non-combatants in the
political war have been subjected to significant pain. “The boy is
very, very upset,” Burton said. “And I was concerned about the
well-being of the mother, and the boy and their family, and what they
were being put through.”

Burton (like Clinton) knew the storm was coming. However, Clinton
spent seven months lying, obstructing, massaging words, compelling
friends, supporters, and cabinet officials to sell the big lie. Clinton
ran up the cost of the Independent Counsel while hypocritically
bemoaning the cost he was responsible for inflating. When finally, under
major duress, he was required to speak to the American people, he blew
it. His August 14th non-apology mea culpa was a miserable, and
embarrassing failure.

The Indianapolis Star’s Sept. 5 editorial noted that “Vanity Fair
wouldn’t have sent a reporter to Indiana to dig into Burton’s past if
the congressman weren’t chairman of a committee investigating the
president.” The Star says “Reporters investigating Burton’s sex
life — or the sex lives of any other elected official — should ask not
only if an affair occurred, but ALSO if that affair affected his
performance as a congressman. For his part, Burton has focused on
possibly illegal fund-raising, not Clinton’s sex life. But the
president’s defenders want all of us to focus on sex. By doing so, they
hope to scare investigators from entering the larger mud pits in which
Bill Clinton has wallowed.”

I’ve been saying since January that “this isn’t about sex.
Forget the lurid details. This is about perjury, suborning perjury,
obstruction of justice and the abuse of power under the color of

Burton has said “Two years ago I became chairman of the House
Committee on Government Reform and Oversight and joined a long list of
individuals who have come under attack from people inside and outside
the Clinton administration. I was prepared for this, and I made a
promise to the American people that I would never allow these attacks to
deter my efforts to uncover the truth.”

Friday before the stuff hit the fan, two of my colleagues, Lee
Rodgers and Melanie Morgan interviewed Congressman Burton on KSFO in San
Francisco. Burton told them he has received “extortion
letters” that he has now turned over to the FBI. He also
reported having received “Federal Express packages that had been
opened and the contents had been photocopied.”

The implication of this under reported fact is clear to those not
blinded by partisan b.s. Someone was trying to blackmail Burton over his
sexual past. By the way, that IS A FELONY, and if (as is being
suggested) it originated in the White House with Sid “Vicious”
Blumenthal or Harold Ickes, the political consequences will be epic.

The president has contended that “private consensual sex” is
private, and nobody’s business. However, a growing list of key Democrats
has been forcefully noting “that dog don’t hunt.” Illicit sex involving
ANY government official is always about potential blackmail and
influencing decisions. Insiders report “… there may already be enough
votes in the House to Impeach and they may just slam dunk it and send it
off to the Senate for a trial.”

Initially I thought “Whorealdo” (Jerry Rivers) and others may be
salivating over the Burton problems; however, the strength of character
Burton has, and is, displaying may have the paradoxical effect of making
things even tougher for the Clintonistas. However, with new
claims of a Burton “ghost employee,” and questions about the specific
job functions of Claudia Keller, Burton may again return to thin ice.

Burton said “I have apologized to my wife and family, whom I love,
I apologize to my constituents. We live in a society that rightfully
depends upon people taking responsibility for their actions. I have done
so in this matter.” Clinton has not.

“I have never perjured myself.” Burton said. Clinton
equivocated and plays with language. Burton: “I have never committed
obstruction of justice.” Clinton’s list is too long and yet to be
judged. “I have been,” says the beleaguered congressman, “as
straight as an arrow in my public duty.” Clinton allegedly bends a
little to the left … and his arrow is broken. However, if (and this is
a big “if” generated by rumor control central) Burton has abused his
office by using official funds to pay Claudia Keller for services which
have been less than official, no amount of moralizing will save him.

Hopefully the congressman will “sooner rather than later” respond to
the specific questions about his alleged staffing practices, and
candidly deal with the official capacity of Keller and her role in his
“public duty.”

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