Today, America, indeed, the world, will be subjected to over four
hours of ponderous, embarrassing, lurid and “inappropriate” legal
posturing which will subsequently be regurgitated, edited, re-run,
analyzed and apologized for weeks to come.

Florida Rep. Bill McCollum, member of the House Judiciary Committee
noted: “Some of the material is sexually explicit and I think that’s
unfortunate. But we have to do that because of the president’s
insistence that he told the truth and Ken Starr said he did not. There
is no way to reveal this to the public without giving a full context in
which all of that is being said.”

There are several points about this disappointing episode which need
to highlighted, and remembered. We are about to be deluged with
pontificating, equivocation, and disingenuous duplicity ad nauseam …
perhaps for months to follow, unless Bill Clinton does the improbable,
but honorable thing, and resigns.

This grand jury deposition of the president is about to be put on
television, radio and in print. The whole magilla, from the boring and
ponderous, to the lurid and explicit will be put out there not just for
America to see, hear, and cringe over, but the global audience will
rival the Oscars and Garth Brooks.

The world will get to see the president of the United States
of America ask, “… what do you mean by the whole truth?” The
world, all those world leaders who have been allies of the president,
critics of the president, and enemies of the president … they all will
see as we do the Shakespearean tragic flaws of the man both blatant and

The world will gain an up front and personal insight into the man
who some say is a sociopath, some say is a narcissist, some call
misogynist, and everyone recognizes as a liar, and a hypocrite.

Even the mainstream networks are repeating the now infamous 1974
Clinton quote when he said “Yes, the president should resign. He has
lied to the American people, time and time again, and betrayed their
trust. Since he has admitted guilt, there is no reason to put the
American people through an impeachment. He will serve absolutely no
purpose in finishing out his term, the only possible solution is for the
president to save some dignity and resign.”

The White House Standing Operating Procedure of “deny, delay,
destroy” has sparked the “scorched earth” scenario which has already
sullied the reputations of other tainted presidential critics. The
political blowback has hit both parties. Congressman Dan Burton,
Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth, and Congressman Henry Hyde have all been
outed for past infidelities:
Burton has been paying child support ever since he learned of his
illegitimate child, and has tried to protect both the boy, and his
mother from suffering because of his position and political enemies.
Chenoweth has admitted her indiscretion and repented.
Hyde has not only acknowledged his infidelity and rebuked would-be
blackmailers, he offered to resign from the Judiciary committee after
the disclosure of his 30-year old affair. The offer was tendered to
House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who rejected it.
What has the President done?

Bill Clinton is more than just a reprehensible, contemptible,
hypocritical liar who uses anyone and everyone for his own immediate
needs, only to discard them like used tissues. He is morally bankrupt
and so flushed with hubris he is incapable of understanding or following
the surprisingly sage and reasonable advice he offered to President
Nixon. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
“Yes, the president should resign.” I’m reluctant to note the
number of newspapers calling for the president to resign since it keeps
increasing … last count was around 170.
“He has lied to the American people, time and time again, and
betrayed their trust.” Bill Clinton has lied routinely and
consistently, even when he didn’t have to do so.
“Since he has admitted guilt,” Well, he has kinda sorta
admitted to something, although even his lawyer is p.o.-ed he insists on
clinging to the fiction of “legally correct” b.s.
“… there is no reason to put the American people thorough an
impeachment.” Well, actually, there are several, both serious and
venial. Impeachment should happen because it is the right thing to do.
Meanwhile, several media types are salivating over the potential impact
of Impeachment hearings on the all important fall ratings.
“He will serve absolutely no purpose in finishing out his
term,” Not exactly true in this case. The longer he can delay and
obfuscate, the better for him personally (in the short term). The other
purpose his continued masochism would serve is to radio, television, and
print pundits.
“… the only possible solution is for the president to save
some dignity and resign.” It may not be the only solution for this
President, but it is the most reasonable and logical.

Meanwhile, to those who didn’t want to believe me that this 445-page
Starr report is mere prelude, maybe you’ll accept the word of Matt
Drudge, or Jack Nelson of the Los Angeles Times. According to Nelson,
Starr is “white hot angry over what he regards as a broad pattern of
deception and cover-up that goes beyond the Lewinsky case that has been
led by the president himself. Reportedly, it is a foregone
conclusion that Starr will cite Clinton as an unindicted co-conspirator
and any indictment the grand jury might return alleging a conspiracy to

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