Bill Clinton and his supporters say we shouldn’t impeach him because he
was only lying about sex. To buy this flawed defense, we must agree with
Bill Clinton that: oral sex is not sex, lying under oath is meaningless,
lying to the world for eight months is
meaningless, committing adultery is meaningless, and having sex with a
federal employee in a federal building during office hours while your wife
is down the hall and your daughter is upstairs is meaningless.

Tuesday, Jimmy Carter said that Bill Clinton “has not been truthful in
the deposition given in the Paula Jones case or in the interrogation by the
grand jury.” President Carter’s moral leadership is both striking and
welcome. Hopefully, Carter’s statement will end attempts by Democrats to
paint opposition to Bill Clinton’s cheating
and lying ways as a partisan attack by Republican extremists.

Last week, I called Bill Clinton the Anti-Christ. This upset some of my
listeners. But I know of no other way to describe a man who insists that
marriage vows and telling the truth are meaningless. I know of no other name
to give a man who has caused so many
otherwise decent people to defend his open, public assault on the moral
fabric of America.

You know, God works in mysterious ways. I believe that God put Bill
Clinton in the White House to force us to choose between good and evil.
Clinton supporters say the polls show an America that is tired of this
“story” and wants to move on. America is tired, but that is because America
has become morally weak. Too many Americans have forgotten that they cannot
acquire or maintain anything of great value without sacrifice, discipline,
and often, painful decisions.

The good news is that America’s moral majority is reawakening. Tens of
millions of Americans have paid to see the movie “Saving Private Ryan”
because they want to recognize and mourn the terrible price that their
fathers and grandfathers paid to
guarantee our freedom. Bill Clinton’s lack of a moral compass is forcing the
rest of us to re-calibrate ours. We may be tired, but Bill Clinton is
forcing parents, teachers, ministers and the rest of us to talk about good
and evil again. And that is truly good news.

Bill Clinton’s continued defense of the indefensible is the
personification of rape. Some men say that rape is “only about sex,” but
most Americans know better. They know that rape is not about sex, it is
about violence and power.

Bill, you raped each of us when you unzipped your pants and had sex with
Monica in the People’s House. You raped each of us when you lied to us for
eight straight months. You raped each of us when you committed adultery and
then demanded that we not hold
you accountable. You rape each of us every day that you refuse to resign
from the office that you have so totally defiled.

I do forgive you, Bill Clinton, because I too have sinned. But
forgiveness doesn’t mean freedom from responsibility. Scores of former drill
sergeants are in military prison because they had “consensual sex” with
their recruits. More than 200 Americans are in federal prisons because they
committed perjury. We impeached two federal district judges a decade ago for
perjury. How can a legal system survive that punishes them for the same acts
you want to get away with?

We cannot have an admitted sexual pervert and liar as the Commander in
Chief of our military. We cannot have a man who violates his marriage vows
as a role model for our children. We cannot have a man who no one can trust
as the “leader of the free
world.” We cannot have you, Bill Clinton, as President of the United States
of America.

Sebastian Mallaby of the Economist said that the rule in the United
Kingdom for “sexual affairs” was clear. “If you have public office, you must
have public trust, and if you make a public fool of yourself, you simply
must go.” Bill, you’ve done more than make a
public fool of your self. You have violated everything that we expect from a

Some say that your resignation or impeachment will undermine world peace.
But if God takes you tomorrow, the world will continue to function quite
well without you. Bill Clinton, you are out of excuses. If you truly care
about the children, as you so piously
claim, show them true moral leadership and resign. If you want a legacy
that’s worth more than a dog’s fire hydrant, zip your pants, pack your bags
and leave Washington, D.C. forever.

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