Do you want an example of how the redistribution of wealth by government brings out the worst in people?

In Los Angeles, a medical clinic is under investigation for paying kids up to $10 to undergo unnecessary exams, including gynecological tests, and then billing the government.

The Los Angeles Police Department says Paramount Medical Center employees picked up children between the ages of 9 and 14 from housing projects in South Central Los Angeles, north Long Beach and Compton, and took them to the clinic. Each boy was reportedly paid $5. Girls got $10. Girls were paid more because gynecological exams could be performed on them, police said.

The children were given prescriptions for spermicidal condoms and birth control following the examinations. Records and documents seized by police at the clinic indicate about 100 boys and 25 girls were treated — or, should we say, “mistreated” — every day.

And, though the abuse of children is the most shocking and horrible aspect of this case, the practice wasn’t limited to kids.

Jenaia Miller, 25, says she made a regular practice of accepting the clinic’s money. A van would pick her up, drive her from clinic to clinic where she would undergo bogus examinations and be paid up to $50 for six hours of “work.”

“It was easy money,” she said. “There was nothing to it.”

And even though the scam was discovered when a parent of one of the children notified the police, not all parents saw it as a problem. Miller said parents often accompanied their children on these clinic visits.

“If any of it is true,” says Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe, “it’s absolutely outrageous.”

Of course it’s outrageous, but it’s to be expected. This is the kind of corruption that you get when the natural controls of the free enterprise system are removed and the government plays sugar daddy. This is why medical premiums are skyrocketing. This is why health-care costs are out of control. And, most importantly, this is why Americans today spend more on taxes than they do on housing, food, utilities, automobiles — in short, all the necessities of life — combined.

Why is this so hard for Americans to see?

Instead they seem to welcome more of the same. The government creates problems, exacerbates them and Americans plead for the government to solve them. This is the way politicians and bureaucrats empower themselves. When are we as a nation going to catch on?

There is no gutter too low for the government racketeers and their con artist collaborators to descend. They will molest your children, commit fraud, abort innocent life in the womb, sell drugs, and demand that you, the taxpayer, pick up the tab for all of it.

This is business as usual in America today, folks. It’s one big scam. It’s organized crime, legalized theft. We only hear and read about the most extreme examples of it — and even then, we don’t hear or read much. The people who spoonfeed us the news are in on the racket. They’re players. They love it. If they didn’t, we would read stories about such abuse, waste, fraud and corruption in government every day.

We don’t. They’re buried in the back pages of newspapers when they appear at all. Instead we read nonsense about the need to “save” Social Security, to “reform” welfare, to “reinvent” government.

I’ve got a better idea. Let’s smash the feeding trough. Let’s end welfare
— not “as we know it,” but as it really is. Let’s not reinvent government, let’s put it in its place, tame the monster, bring it under the control of the people and the Constitution, once again.

That’s not likely to happen, however, until the people of South Central Los Angeles, Compton and North Long Beach realize who it is that’s got that jackboot placed firmly on their necks. They don’t even realize that they are living on the government’s plantation. But it’s not just them. It’s all of us. We’ve allowed ourselves — all of us — to become slaves of the state.

We don’t just need a tax revolt. We need a slave rebellion.

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