“Diversity is what made America great.”

You hear that catch-phrase often, these days. You hear it in government schools. You hear it from the president. You hear it from the talking-head pundits on TV.

What those who espouse this statement mean is that America is great because of the contributions of an ethnically diverse population.

Now, I think it’s great that people take some pride in their ethnic background. I, myself, admit I take pride in the accomplishments of my Syrian and Lebanese grandparents who came to America with nothing and built the foundations of a life that my kids enjoy today. I also greatly admire my French-Canadian-American Indian grandparents. I’m a walking, talking, living, breathing product of America’s ethnic diversity.

But, so what? This isn’t what made America great. It’s not what made life in America great for me or for my grandparents. What made America the place to be for my grandparents was something much different than diversity. It was something called freedom. And today, in our misguided, headlong rush to embrace phony diversity, we’re giving up that precious gift of freedom.

Let’s examine this myth of diversity. If, in fact, people are basically the same — regardless of race or ethnic background — why would this kind of diversity mean anything to a society? Think about it. The diversity fascists are the very people emphasizing differences between the races. They see the world made up of groups, not individuals.

The proof that they believe some of those groups are inherently inferior to others is that they create different standards of achievement and expectations for them, as in “affirmative action.”

They actively oppose laws designed to treat all people equally regardless of skin color and ethnic background, because they are truly racist to the core and, even more importantly, because the conflict they create in the process helps empower them.

President Clinton is a perfect example of this kind of neo-plantationism. He has convinced a vast majority of blacks, according to the polls, that he is their friend. Why is he their friend? Because he believes they should get special, preferential treatment to make up for past injustices based on race.

It’s not enough, he says, to root out and punish discrimination against individuals based on their skin color. We must give blacks a “head start,” so to speak, in education, business and elsewhere in our society to “level the playing field.”

For the life of me, I can’t understand why every black American is not calling that kind of paternalistic hooey “racist.” There’s no other word for it. And the longer blacks, other racial and ethnic groups and women accept such treatment, the longer they will be caught in the yoke of real injustice, oppression and held captive by an ideology that truly enslaves them.

You see, governments don’t liberate people. People liberate themselves from government. That’s the way it has always been and that’s the way it will always be until the Good Lord comes again.

Here’s another example of why the celebration of “diversity” is a sham. Put me in a room with my colleague Alan Keyes and my wife — a white man, a black man and a white woman. By definition, the diversity fascists would have to concede that, by their standard, that is a diverse group. Yet, the three people in that room would have remarkably few disagreements about anything meaningful. That’s conformity, not diversity.

Likewise, there is nothing diverse about the so-called “Rainbow Coalition.” They are about as intolerant of true diversity — the kind of diversity that really means something — as you can get.

And that’s the point. You see, the diversity fascists cloak their true agenda behind nice-sounding words and lofty objectives. What they are really about is rigid, authoritarian conformity — totally intolerant of any ideas that threaten them and their hideously disguised plans for empowerment.

Fascists of the past have been much less subtle and far less successful.
Historically, they simply tried to exterminate their group scapegoats. Today’s fascists are more clever by half. They rise to power by identifying groups for “favored” treatment. This is what I call happy-face fascism. We’ve got some goodies for you, they say. And enough people buy it to change a society’s fundamental precept that it is individuals, not groups of people, who are bestowed by their Creator with the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

Fascism is fascism. And racism is racism. The result is always the same. It leads to one place — servitude, for one and all, to a government “massa.”

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