IRVING, TX. — A $30 million, six-to-eight-month project to uncover the
world’s largest oil field atop a salt dome at the southwest end of Israel’s
Dead Sea, is expected to begin in early 1999, according to respected Texas
oil man, Harold “Hayseed” Stephens.

Until now, Israel’s Islamic enemies have possessed nearly 75 per cent of
the world’s oil reserves with Israel’s supply only a fraction of that. It’s
reported that Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia, all sworn enemies of
the tiny Jewish state, have trillions of barrels while Israel has only enough oil to supply itself for about one and a half days and depends on
other countries for the remainder.

Stephens, a one-time “hell-raiser” and former pro football quarterback with
the New York Titans, explained Israeli oil officials had approved his lease
in early September and drilling equipment would likely arrive at the site
early in the New Year.

Besides being an oilman, Stephens is an ordained minister and said the
drilling of Elohim Parezim #1 (meaning “Lord of the Breakthrough”) in the
Dead Sea area could mean “the entire geopolitical system will be changed

The lease license is called Hesed, meaning “the God that keepeth covenant
for a thousand generations,” and part of that license is the Ness Carveout,
named after the Texan’s company, Ness Energy (Ness in Hebrew means “miracle”).

“God has it all orchestrated,” explained Stephens, who spent Succot in
Israel and visited the Dead Sea site.

Stephens had planned to visit Israel in early June; however, he claimed the
Holy Spirit informed him to wait and let Israeli oil officials come to West

On Friday, June 26, in a hotel at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, history
may have been changed forever.

It was no ordinary corporate business meeting.

The Israeli delegation was led by Yossi Levy, director/president of the
Israel Oil Company, Inc., from Petach Tikvah, Israel and Haim Tsuff, chairman of the board of the Israel Oil Company, who now lives in Holland.

Astonishing geological and geophysical evidence led to the signing of an
historic agreement between Israel Oil Company, Inc., and Stephens’ “Christian-owned” company, Ness Energy, International.

It is believed that there are vast amounts of oil in the Dead Sea region of
Israel sufficient enough to free the nation from dependence on foreign energy sources and from vulnerability to economic “pressure” to give up land for peace.

After the June 26 meeting, Stephens received the lease from Israel and
then returned to Israel for his 55th visit.

Stephens has relied heavily on the Scriptures and prophetic words, in
addition to the supporting geological studies, during the emotional roller
coaster that’s associated with the oil business.

The Dead Sea, once known as the Valley of Siddim, was in ancient times, a
beautiful, lush region filled with bubbly lakes of oil, according to Genesis 13:10-11 and 14:10 with Jericho being its major trading center.

Then came the dramatic destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the formation
of the Dead Sea. (Genesis 19: 24-25, 28-29)

The Hebrew translation of Isaiah 45:3 reads: “I will shoot up to you deposits stored in valuable dungeon-type containers, so that you will know
that I Am the Lord your God, who called you by name.” However, Stephens had
his own version: “I will shoot up (Texas terms: I will gush up to you) deposits (oil deposits) that are stored in the valuable dungeon-type containers (oil traps) so that you will know that I Am the Lord your God

Who called you by name.” It should be noted, Stephens said, that in Isaiah
45, God is talking to a Gentile, King Cyrus. He also explained that in Isaiah 60:5, “because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you, the wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you.”

Stephens reiterated that a portion of the profit from the massive oil find
will be used in the re-building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

In 1993, according to Stephens, more than 100 earthquakes in seven days
rocked the area from Mount Carmel down to the Red Sea, redistributing the
massive oil deposit buried from the days of Lot.

When Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, the southwest end of the Dead Sea
turned into a mountain of salt, and that salt dome stretches nine miles long, 3/4 miles wide and 18,000 feet deep. The salt has acted as a preservative for the past 4,000 years. It doesn’t allow oil to flow through

“This is the area where Sodom was located,” explained Stephens. “In Genesis
19, God ignited all of the oil and gas in that valley and then it rained
back down and blew a hole 40 miles long, eight miles wide and three miles
deep. Fire and brimstone fell into that hole and they eventually turned to
salt. It made Sodom and Gomorrah oil boom towns.”

Prominent born-again Christian oilmen have drilled in specific locations in
Israel based on their interpretation of various Scripture references. Among
them have been Gilman Hill, Andy Sorelle, Jr., and Canadian Lyle Harron.

Hill invested $6 million at a drill site near Mount Carmel in the ’70s. It
came up dry. Sorelle also drilled during the 80’s, on the Mediterranean,
and spent millions on various leases throughout Israel. Harron spent nearly
a decade at a Netanya lease, just north of Tel Aviv. Even the late Armand
Hammer was dedicated to finding “black gold” offshore in the Mediterranean.

After a tragic car accident involving his family cut short his playing days
with the now-defunct Titans, Stephens returned to Texas to make his fortune
in the oil business, and to the fast life of Las Vegas gambling and boozing.

In January 1978, Hayseed, who had been “partying” for days, had an experience like the Apostle Paul on the Damascus Road. He told Jesus he’d
go anywhere, even to the North Pole. Shortly afterwards, he was holding his
first revival above the Arctic Circle, at Prudhoe Bay, an Alaskan oil camp.

A meeting in 1982 played a key role in establishing Stephens’ relationship
with Israel and the Jewish people. Hayseed was one of the dozen Christian
businessmen invited to pray with then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin
just prior to his making a decision on the war and invasion of Lebanon.

Stephens felt led by the Lord to give Begin a large, white Texas cowboy hat
and it was then that Begin, unknowingly, spoke prophetic words: “Maybe you
will be the one to come and find oil for us in Israel.”

Two hours later, the Lord spoke to Stephens, telling him the “greatest oil
field in the world” lay beneath the southwest end of the Dead Sea.

To find out more about Ness Energy or its status on the stock exchange go
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Kaye Corbett, formerly of the Toronto Sun, is a media consultant who lives in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. His articles are provided courtesy of Corbett Communications, Falkland, BC, Canada.

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