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An Apology to Paula

If Mr. Clinton has truly repented, as he told a group of religious leaders at a recent prayer breakfast, he will seize the moment and make a public apology to Paula Jones. If Bill Clinton is ready to take responsibility for his actions, as he has indicated on his apology tour, he will ask forgiveness from Mrs. Jones. If Mr. Clinton is a man and not a mouse, he now has the perfect opportunity to prove it.

John Whitehead, the president of the Rutherford Institute, which stepped in to carry the Jones case forward when her former attorneys Joseph Camarata and Gilbert Davis bowed out, now believes money is more important than an apology to Mrs. Jones. I will agree. Truth and this president parted company a long time ago. Words are tools to Mr. Clinton, which he artfully uses to hide behind and dodge facts. He often bends them into shapes that are unrecognizable.

What is an apology from a man whose word is worthless really worth? On the other hand, 27 attorneys have put in hundreds of hours of work to see that Paula Jones’ name is cleared and at least some of those bills must be paid. Paula and her husband Steve have put their lives on hold for over four years. Paula is afraid to go out alone. They and their two children live in a one-bedroom apartment which they have long outgrown. Steve was fired from his job with an airline owned by one of Mr. Clinton’s biggest supporters. Their 11-year-old car was repossessed, and when they finally succeeded in paying it off, it blew a head gasket.

Paula Jones has been the object of slurs and ridicule by the White House spin meisters. She has been the subject of the jokes of late night comedians. No, Paula Jones isn’t perfect, but she did have a good name before Arkansas state trooper Danny Ferguson identified her in an article in The American Spectator.

There was a time when Bill Clinton could have cleared Paula Jones’ name, but not anymore. Today his word means nothing. He has been exposed.

No one is above the law, and no one is beneath redemption. The price for Mr. Clinton’s sins was paid in full almost two thousand years ago. However, in order to save himself, he must confess, not simply to his sins that have been exposed by the stain he left behind on Monica Lewinsky’s blue cocktail dress. He must confess to the stain he left on Paula Jones’ life. That’s why, even if Mrs. Jones’ lawyers are no longer insisting on an apology, he must make one anyway.