National Coming-Out Day is a day that those who are engaging in homosexuality are encouraged to announce that fact to their families, friends, employers and anyone else who will listen. It is a day that many parents fear.

If you haven’t adequately educated your child about sexuality, he or she could be vulnerable, and once involved with homosexuality, escape can be difficult. Author Scott Lively has written a guide for parents who want to be pro-active called “Seven Steps to Recruit-Proof your Child.” Perhaps the most important step is to understand that gay activists do recruit and that your children are at risk.

When most parents think of recruitment, they see it as the seduction of an innocent perhaps emotionally vulnerable child or youth by an older sexual predator. Today this recruitment takes place in hundreds of different ways. Gay propagandists bring their message to our children through television programs, movies, music, advertising, and through public education classrooms. Our parents never would have put up with “gay” activists coming into the schools to talk about their lifestyle, but this has become an everyday occurrence.

These sessions are no longer confined to junior high and high schools. A training video called “It’s Elementary” teaches elementary school teachers how to get the “gay” message into primary grade classrooms. Books like “Daddy’s Roommate” and “Heather Has Two Mommies” are all too commonplace. The National Education Association, the nation’s largest teacher’s union, has openly adopted guidelines for promoting homosexuality in public education and many private schools already have yielded to the pressure to present homosexuality as a normal.

Imagine what goes through the minds of 12-year-old boys and girls when a gay activist tells them that 10 percent of the population is gay, and that 10 percent of their class has this “sexual orientation.” At this tender age, classrooms of teenagers and pre-teenagers, with their hormones raging, are being encouraged to follow their urges and experiment. If a child voices a question about the possibility of being gay to a teacher or other school officials, the parent most likely never will hear about it. These children often are referred to an outside “gay” counseling center run by active homosexuals.

It is more important than ever before that parents talk to their teenagers and pre-teenagers about homosexuality in a factual, but compassionate way. There is no scientific proof that one is born homosexual. It is a movement grounded in politics not science. In 1973, homosexuality was removed from the American Psychiatric Association’s official list of disorders, not as a result of any scientific breakthrough, but by a campaign of intimidation and harassment. An independent poll of APA members conducted at the time showed that an overwhelming majority considered it to be a treatable disorder. Under continued pressure from homosexual activists, the APA subsequently voted to “normalize” sadomasochism and pedophilia.

Another important message to give your child, is that help is available for those who stumble. One is not born gay, and one does not have to remain in the gay lifestyle. If you need further information contact Exodus International at 206-784-7799.

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