I did not know Matthew Shepard. Had I known this young man, I would have counseled him to leave the homosexual lifestyle that had entangled him. Not because it is twisted, anti-social, or unhealthy — it is all of those things — but because his embrace of homosexuality would preclude God’s best for his life.

What I do know, however, are the agendas of those now braying over young Matthew’s body. “Rest in Peace” is not in their vocabulary.

The Gay Agenda’s warriors have been at war with God, government, and parents over the fate of countless young Matthews, since at least the late ’60s and the Stonewall Riots. Their lies and deceit have gone unexposed for decades by a sympathetic media and the hollow, rotting shell of a Democratic Party willing to embrace death for their followers — if it means another two-year lease on political power after the election.

At the feet of this perverted trinity is properly laid the deaths of hundreds of thousands of young Matthews. While AIDS ravaged the immune systems of their bodies, their “advocates” demanded anonymous testing and no tracking of partners: a radical departure from standard operating procedure used by health departments to control sexually transmitted diseases. They won. America lost.

It is doubtful that America’s young Matthews even know that homosexuality was, until the early ’70s, classified as a mental illness. But in 1970, the American Psychiatric Association saw another face of homosexuality: at the APA’s annual convention in San Francisco,

    during a panel on transsexualism and homosexuality, protesters entered the meeting room and disrupted the discussion by shouting insults and demands at the speakers. One of the demands was that homosexuals be represented at the APA’s annual convention.

    Activists used strong-arm tactics again in 1971. Threatening violence, the activists were able to force the removal of a display on techniques for the treatment of homosexuality … militant homosexual groups also attacked publicly any psychiatrist who presented clinical findings on homosexuality. [The Subversion of the American Psychiatric Association, SPHA, July/August 1996, p.4]

By 1974 the APA had capitulated to demands: They agreed to remove
homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders (DSM).

Homosexual activists have repeated this simple pattern with great success. Intimidation and threats have been applied to schools, churches, politicians and most recently the military. Through their “success” they have promoted policies and laws that helped to spread a disease for which there is no cure. They have funneled money away from research into diseases that are not preventable, such as cancer. And they have facilitated the exposure and introduction to their deadly lifestyle of countless young Matthews.

What homosexual activists have done for the homosexual community they now want to do for everyone in American society. The reason is simple: They still don’t have what they want. Homosexuals crave social acceptance for their behavior. And they are willing to sacrifice our liberty to think, feel, and worship because they believe that will buy their dream. Laws criminalizing thought — specifically negative thoughts about homosexuality — are clearly their goal.

    … demanding a separation between church and state isn’t enough; the churches’ basic doctrines must be changed, with homophobia written out forever. [“Throw the Book at Them,” by Michelangelo Signorile, Out, November 1994]

    … our chief task in the years ahead: to work at the level of home and workplace, church and schoolboard, neighborhood and city hall to bring together in the minds of straight Americans the institution they claim to cherish above all — namely the family — and the phenomenon that many of them passionately despise: homosexuality. If we can do that, everything else will follow. … [“Apocalypse? No,” by Bruce Bawer, The Advocate, 24 January 1995]

What do homosexual activists, media apologists, and their Democratic supporters really think of free speech? On 12 April 1996,

    More than four hundred screaming homosexualist militants invaded Trinity Evangelical Fellowship church in Madison, Wisconsin … to prevent a scheduled talk on homosexuality in the Nazi Party by pro-family author, Scott Lively [and co- author Kevin Abrams] on The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, which documents the leading role of male homosexuals in the rise and rule of the Third Reich. …

    Outside the church, homosexuals blew whistles and pounded on the walls and windows with rocks and trash-can lids. Chants of “Crush the Christians, bring back the lions,” could be heard in the church … several protesters went into the church basement where they urinated on the floor. … After the meeting was restored to order, Lively greeted those who had come to hear his presentation, “Now you know what it was like to have been political opponents of the Nazis. The brownshirts might have been a little more violent, but their goals and tactics were the same: harass, disrupt and terrorize to silence dissent.” [“Pink Swastika” talk Enrages Homosexual Activists,” SPHA, May/June 1996 p.5]

Young Matthew’s death was a tragic act of barbarism. The state of
Wyoming has wisely retained the death penalty for the perpetrators of such heinous acts. It matters not whether Matthew was black, white, Christian, Jew, male, or female. The real tragedy in Matthew’s death would be if some people were suddenly elevated above their countrymen and accorded more value in the eyes of the law because of their actions or beliefs.

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