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Judicial Watch ups the ante

Those frustrated by the Starr Report’s focus on the Lewinsky scandals — which has allowed every Clintonite, liberal, and moral relativist in the country
(forgive the redundancy) to protest that the furor is “just about sex,” hence properly regarded by grownups as trivial — have new reason for hope that
the Clinton administration’s more serious, if less pruriently fascinating, crimes and abuses are poised to reenter the spotlight.

As reported here on WorldNetDaily last week in an exclusive by Nancy Phillips, Larry Klayman’s Judicial Watch last week released its own “Interim Report
on Crimes and Other Offenses Committed by President Bill Clinton Warranting His Impeachment and Removal from Elected Office.” You can read that http://www.judicialwatch.org“>report in
its entirety online. The original WorldNetDaily coverage can be found here.
The significance of this report cannot be overstated; if you missed or just skimmed it then, I encourage you to read it now. Developed over the last several years via civil lawsuits, Freedom of Information Act requests, and other investigatory activities, its findings ought to be explosive; whether they will have the effect they should, only time will tell. (Judicial Watch, a Washington, D.C nonprofit made up of lawyers, investigators, and concerned
citizens, undertakes strong affirmative actions on a case-by-case basis to police ethical and legal transgressions by government officials and judges; it has brought several lawsuits against the Clinton Administration for its corrupt practices.)

Violations of the law perpetrated by the President and those who work for him, as specifically identified by Judicial Watch, involve “bribery, campaign
fundraising, the theft of government services, privacy, corruption of federal law enforcement, abuse and misuse of federal agencies (including the Internal Revenue Service), perjury, civil rights violations, obstruction of justice,
graft and likely breaches of national security. The evidence uncovered by Judicial Watch overwhelmingly indicates that President Clinton condoned, directed and effected this lawbreaking.”

The illegal use of the IRS to audit public interest groups thought to be hostile to the Clinton administration, including the Western Journalism Center, is detailed here. So are the administration’s other abuses of the FBI, violations of the Privacy Act, personal threats and intimidations, and defamatory actions — and those are just the “cover-up” crimes. What is being hidden and suppressed by all this includes such choice gems as the sale of
seats on U.S. Department of Commerce trade missions in exchange for political contributions, various breaches of national security, illegal political
espionage … the list just goes on. Its length is bewildering, malaise- inducing, even for those of us who have suspected or known for a long time that assorted unpalatable practices were ongoing at the White House.

Clinton supporters everywhere have been expostulating to the United States
that it’s “time to move on” from the uproar over the President’s little sexual peccadilloes. It may well be time to move on — but to what? The menu of
choices is scandalously long. Which of the legion of Clinton’s above-the-waist crimes, as detailed and substantiated here, is to be the next destination
of the focusing American gaze? Or are we merely to “move on” in the sense of falling into the imbecile somnolence that Democrats hope for?

Email your local representatives without a hassle

CitizenDirect is a direct, secure, and confidential Internet link to your local elected officials. You can register your questions and opinions directly with their offices via email, using
the secure connection provided by the site. The system identifies your representatives for you based upon the address you provide, then sets up a private mailbox for you wherein you will (or so you hope) receive answers to your e-missives from said representatives’ offices. CitizenDirect claims that all U.S. and local officials who subscribe to it “have established priority
systems for answering the mail sent from this location, ensuring you a timely and accurate response.” That may or may not work out for you in practice,
but considering the amount of technical difficulty I had recently in trying to
email my own congressman, it’s nice to have someone else taking care of the technical bit. The site’s only drawback is that it offers you no access to any member of Congress other than your own elected officials — but they’re the
ones most likely to listen to you anyway.

When talk is cheap … real cheap

The always honorable Thomas Sowell exposes President Clinton’s bogus “national dialogue on race” as the monologue it really was in this cutting essay. The
much-vaunted National Commission on Race systematically prevented a genuine diversity of views. Remarkably, its chairman not only refused point-blank to have anyone who opposed group preferences on his commission as a member, but also refused even to let any such person appear as a witness before the commission. Some dialogue! Read Sowell’s commentary in this quarter’s Issues and Views magazine.

Churches responding to welfare reform

Welfare reform legislation was and is expected to work partly on the basis
that churches and other religious and charitable organizations would help fill the breach — and would do it better and more efficiently than the federal
government ever did. Here’s some evidence that it’s really happening. In “a faith-based response to welfare reform,” Churches at Work is developing a Web site which attempts to coordinate churches
and other Christian faith-based organizations throughout the United States that
are mobilizing to fight poverty and provide human services in their communities. They promise the site will shortly offer “ideas, tools, and resources your church or faith-based organization can use” to help those trying to move from welfare to self-sufficiency, in a database searchable by geographic location or by topic. And more power to them, say I. Limited in
scope to Christian organizations.

Calculate your basal metabolic rate

See how many calories you burn per day just sitting there breathing. Heartening, really. Click here and follow the directions given.