Seven years ago this weekend, many doubted that Clarence Thomas’ nomination would survive. However, brave women and men came forward and fought for a decent, god-fearing man. They and millions of Americans forced the Senate to appoint Clarence as the 106th associate justice of the U. S. Supreme Court. I was honored to be among that proud group of Americans seven long years ago.

The left viciously punished all who supported Clarence that weekend. Clarence’s female supporters were shunned or forced to change jobs. They called Clarence’s male supporters misogynists. Clarence’s enemies destroyed my consulting business and almost bankrupted my family. Nevertheless, I am here to testify that each of us would stand in the well for Clarence Thomas again. Because our parents taught us that if we weren’t willing to fight for the truth,
we would betray those Americans who died for our freedom.

Today, the fate of another Yale Law School graduate is before Congress. Most Americans agree that Bill Clinton is an immoral, lying, sexual pervert, even if they are not sure if Congress should impeach him. Black leaders who rejected Clarence Thomas have stunned many Americans by their unprincipled support for Bill Clinton. One of these “leaders” even claimed that Bill Clinton was the first “black” president in every way but skin color. Can I get a “Not!” here?

Don’t worry, my friends, black people aren’t suffering from group insanity. All you are hearing are the howls of left-wing politicians who realize that their gravy train is coming off the rails. To understand why these black politicians and religious leaders are fighting so hard for Bill Clinton, you have to look at why they opposed Clarence Thomas.

The Clarence Thomas hearings were not about sexual harassment. Bob Packwood, the liberal Republican senator who sexually abused his female employees for decades, proved that liberals will ignore sexual abuse and harassment if it suits their purpose.

The Clarence Thomas hearings were about raw, political power. Liberals and Democrats were worried that Clarence would loosen their lock on black voters. They were also afraid that he would vote to repeal Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that allows mothers to murder their babies before they are born. Anita Hill was just a convenient tool willing to do their bidding for money and fame.

The clearest statement of why liberals feared Clarence Thomas came from the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

    Confirmation of Clarence Thomas as associate justice … will negatively impact Asian Americans in three ways: 1) denial of access to affirmative action and other equal justice remedies won by the civil rights movement over the years, 2) denial of access to privacy rights and abortions, and 3) creation of a false spokesperson for the legal needs of people of color in this country.

Before Clarence’s nomination, blacks represented the largest block of votes that Democrats could take for granted. Suddenly, President Bush confronted Democrats with the specter of a compassionate conservative black man who just might convince black voters to reconsider the party of Lincoln.

Before Bush nominated Clarence, Democrats did not worry about losing the black vote because they did not believe that blacks would vote for Republicans. Before Bush nominated Clarence, Republicans did not try to woo black voters because they did not believe that they would be successful. This stalemate resulted in neither party doing anything to earn the black vote. Although blacks continued to give Democrats 90+ percent of their vote, inexorably, more blacks asked “what are we getting for our loyalty to the Democrat Party?”

One rule of politics is that swing voters decide elections. While blacks represent only 10 percent of the national vote, they have tremendous “potential” political power. Let’s look at the impact those black voters could have had in 1992 if only 20 percent of the blacks
who voted switched their votes from the Democrat to the Republican side. President Bush would have been reelected, Republicans would have gained veto proof majorities in both houses of Congress and many black politicians who now proclaim undying support for Bill Clinton would have lost.

Democrat Party officials know that most blacks are not liberals. They know that before the 1960 election, 30 to 50 percent of all blacks voted Republicans. They know that before the Depression and FDR, 80 percent of all blacks voted Republican. The very thought of a conservative black Republican on the U.S. Supreme Court gave them nightmares.

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies is the leading black issues think-tank in the United States. A 1996 Joint Center survey found that 32 percent of all black voters self-identified themselves as moderates and 30.2 percent self-identified themselves as conservatives. Only 31.5 percent called themselves liberals. Strikingly,
75 percent of those blacks who identified themselves as conservatives also
identified themselves as Christian conservatives. In spite of their moderate to conservative leaning, however, 91 percent of these blacks voted for Democrat Congressional candidates and 87 percent voted for Clinton in 1996.

The story was much the same in 1994. Two months before the 1994 election, USA Today asked Black Americans who represented them best — Jesse Jackson, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, Ben Chavis (the former head of the NAACP) or Louis Farrakan. They took this poll just after the NAACP fired Ben Chavis for using $300,000 of their funds to cover up a sexual harassment charge. Ironically, it wasn’t the act of sexual harassment that got Chavis fired; it was using NAACP money to pay off the victim without the Board’s permission.

Jesse Jackson was the top choice in that 1994 poll. Contrary to public perception, however, Colin Powell and Clarence Thomas ranked ahead of Chavis and Farrakan. In 1994, as in 1996, the Joint Center found that only a minority of all black voters self identified themselves as liberals. Yet in
the year that Republicans retook control of the US House of Representatives,
91.7 percent of all African-American voters still voted for Democrat congressional

This split between beliefs and voting habits is evidence of the tenuous hold
that Democrats have on black voters. In 1991, Republicans knew that if they could
prove that their conservative principles were relevant to Americans of African
descent, a major political shift would occur. Conversely, the biggest fear of
Democrats and liberals in 1991 was that the confirmation of a serious, decent,
respectable and charismatic black conservative as an U.S. Supreme Court Justice
just might be the spark that tipped the scales of power against them. So in 1991 as
in 1998, it wasn’t just about sex.

The biggest fear of Black Democrats and liberals in 1998 is that if Congress
impeaches Bill Clinton and Republicans solidify their control of both houses of
Congress, these advocates of government handouts will be out of work and their
people will be free. That’s why they still attack Clarence and support Bill. It has
nothing to do with their blackness and everything to do with their continued desire
to keep their people poor in the ghetto.

The good news is that their rearguard effort to protect Clinton’s back will have
the same fate as their frontal assault against Clarence Thomas.

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