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Clinton's secret police revisited

As the impeachment hearings begin in the House Judiciary
Committee, we learn a little bit more about the “secret
police” President Clinton has commissioned to intimidate
witnesses, investigate adversaries and harass opposition.

If the inquiry doesn’t deal with dirty trickster Terry
Lenzner, you’ll know the fix is in.

Who is this guy? He’s a CIA-connected
attorney-turned-private investigator whose Investigative
Group International firm has had at least one taxpayer-paid
contract with the White House for $100,000.

Today, WorldNetDaily reveals an interesting twist to
Lenzner’s CIA link. He admits representing one of the
darkest and most notorious agency figures — Sidney
Gottlieb, described as a real-life “Dr. Strangelove” character
who ran black operations in drug and mind-control

Lenzner, the former Senate Watergate counsel, even sued a
Senate committee investigating CIA dirty tricks and
assassinations to keep Gottlieb’s name from emerging in

Nice guy, huh? But it gets worse. This is clearly a man on a
mission. It’s just a little difficult to figure out what that
mission is. Lenzner had worked in the Nixon Justice
Department before being fired for funneling taxpayer
dollars to the Black Panthers and other militant groups. He
then joined the defense team of Father Philip Berrigan,
charged with planning to kidnap Henry Kissinger, blow up
heating tunnels and destroy draft records.

Is he a political zealot? A hired gun? It’s tough to know
with the mysterious Lenzner. But if the House Judiciary
Committee doesn’t ask any probing questions about him
and his role in the Clinton scandals cover-up, we’ll know
for certain that he’s got the goods on one too many
committee members.

That’s the role of Clinton’s secret police — one of the great
untold stories of this repressive administration and a far
bigger scandal than Monica Lewinsky. If you doubt it, ladies
and gentlemen of the committee, just call former Clinton
aide Dick Morris, who has written eloquently about what
was called in the Nixon administration a “plumbers’
operation,” to testify.

How could the impeachment inquiry not touch on what
Clinton bought from Lenzner with taxpayer dollars totaling
at least $100,000? Aren’t members just a little curious? Or
are they too afraid to find out what Lenzner might have
learned — perhaps about them?

Perjury, obstruction of justice and hush payments interest
me. They are certainly impeachable offenses. But it seems
the Congress is missing the big picture here.

The real crimes of the Clinton administration involve
dirty tricks, illegal domestic spying, misuse of official files,
abuse of federal agencies, foreign cash, technology leaks —
the kind of stuff that is right up Terry Lenzner’s alley.
Scratch the surface of these scandals and the legacy of the
“most ethical administration in the history of America”
will fall like a house of cards.

But don’t count on this Congress to do the job. Oh, yeah,
the House might nail Clinton for something everyone
already knows about — his sordid dalliance with a White
House intern, his sexual harassment of a volunteer, even
the orchestration of a hush payment to Hillary Clinton’s
former law partner Webster Hubbell, once the third
highest-ranking official in the Justice Department.
However, that’s as far as the current script goes in
revealing high crimes and misdemeanors of the Clinton
White House. The rest is off-limits. The Republicans have
made a tacit deal with the Democrats. Other skeletons in
other closets will remain hidden from the public view.

And Clinton will remain in office to finish out his second
term. God only knows what havoc he will wreak on our
freedoms in the next two years.

There’s only one factor that could change that scenario —
an unprecedented public uproar.

There are many poll-watchers, pulse-takers and human
weather vanes in Washington. So make noise. Show them
which way the wind is blowing. Let them know that not
everyone in this great country is mesmerized by the major
networks and the government-media complex.
Demonstrate that you are watching and you care.

The crimes of the Clinton administration must not go
unpunished — or America will be forever changed, forever
cheapened, forever threatened.

It’s time to expose America’s secret police, all their dirty
tricks and the official corruption they seek to hide.