• Fact: The biggest donor to Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign — bigger than the teachers union or any political action committee — was the Riady family, long suspected of being Chinese intelligence agents.

  • Fact: The Riadys had been sponsors of Clinton’s political campaigns since the 1970s when he first ran for attorney general in the state of Arkansas.

  • Fact: The largest individual donor to the 1996 Clinton re-election effort was Bernard Schwartz, chairman and chief executive officer of the Loral Corp. One of Loral’s biggest business partners and investors is the government of China through a front company called China Telecom.
  • Fact: In 1996, a presidential election year, President Clinton placed an area in Utah the size of Connecticut rich in clean-burning coal off limits to mining by executive order. The biggest beneficiary of that action was the Riady family, with coal interests in Indonesia, the only other major source of clean-burning coal in the world.
  • Fact: Webster Hubbell stopped cooperating with prosecutors after James Riady met with him, then President Clinton, then dropped off a check to Hubbell for $100,000 for work that was never performed.
  • Fact: The FBI reported to the White House that the Chinese government had made a concerted effort to influence the 1996 U.S. elections, yet Clinton did nothing — he didn’t expel the Chinese ambassador, he didn’t invoke trade sanctions, he didn’t even harshly rebuke Beijing.

On and on it goes. From the sweetheart treatment of the COSCO shipping company to the “back channels” of White House access provided by John Huang, the China-gate scandal remains, without doubt, a cover-up of historic proportions. These are but a few of the startling and undeniable truths of life with regard to the selling of the presidency, 1992-1998.

Attorney General Janet Reno performed perhaps her penultimate tap dance yesterday when she announced her decision not to name an independent counsel to investigate Vice President Al Gore’s involvement with illegal campaign fund-raising that involves the China connection. The final act for Reno, before she resigns her post for health reasons, will be to deny the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate Clinton.

If all goes according to plan, the greatest crime in American history will then be complete.

But thank God for Larry Klayman and Judicial Watch. Just when you assume all hope of accountability for these official criminal acts is gone, Klayman rides to the rescue wearing the white hat.

An hour before Reno announced her decision yesterday, Judicial Watch filed the civil lawsuit focusing on the China-gate scandal. Named as defendants in the shareholder derivative, civil conspiracy and RICO action are Loral Chairman and CEO Bernard Schwartz, Clinton, first lady Hillary Clinton, Gore, Huang, the DNC, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and others.

As corrupt as Reno’s investigations into this subject have been, the Republicans hardly look better. Rep. Chris Cox, R-CA, appointed by Speaker Newt Gingrich to head an inquiry into the sale of sensitive technology, the flow of campaign contributions from China and the possibility of bribes and influence peddling, has shown little indication his probe is going anywhere fast.

It’s time to step up and take your best shot, Mr. Cox. Do it now, while there’s still a chance America can recover from the national-security damage done by this administration. If you’re not prepared to tell us what you found and add to the list of impeachment counts, step aside and let Larry Klayman do the job.

Likewise, Ken Starr, if you’re all through with Filegate and have decided to exonerate the president of wrongdoing, why not let Larry Klayman have a shot at interviewing those witnesses you overlooked and examining the evidence you determined to be insufficient.

* * *

When it comes to justice in America, it’s not easy maintaining your faith in the system anymore. But that’s why this Thanksgiving season, I’m grateful for the courageous and determined work of Larry Klayman and a few other gutsy, independent, relentless freedom fighters. It’s amazing the impact committed individuals can make when they put their mind to it.

I thank God there are still a few heroes left. Likewise, I thank God for Jerome Zeifman, the former Watergate chief counsel, who, unlike Sam Dash, maintains one simple standard for impeachable offenses — one not colored by which political party happens to be in charge of the White House at any given time.

I also thank God for all my colleagues at WorldNetDaily who have made this fantastic muckraking journey through cyberspace possible and enjoyable.

Lastly, I thank God for my wife, Elizabeth, who stands by me no matter who my enemies are, and no matter what the cost — who maintains her own passion for justice and feeds mine.

Who says there’s nothing to be thankful for?

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