The 1998 mid-term election fallout will be with us for many months. No matter what the Republicans said on election night or since, the Democrat spin has been that they lost and lost big. This, of course, has given Bill Clinton yet another lease on life. Therefore, on his Saturday radio broadcast we witnessed the beginning of his attack on his enemies with a broadside at his biggest nemesis: gun owners.

The Clinton strategy for the past six years has been to bring up the subject of guns a) whenever he is under attack; b) when he needs to show he is in charge; or c) to beat on his favorite enemy. This time he decided to set up a new straw man — the gun show.

His list of firearms’ straw men includes federally licensed firearms dealers (FFL), importers, manufacturers, the NRA and most recently gun shows. With the exception of the NRA, all these groups are involved in the supply side of the firearms business.

Clinton with his usual spin goes after “unscrupulous gun dealers” who sell to
“criminals and gun traffickers.” No matter that firearms dealers are all licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. No matter that even the smallest infraction of federal firearms laws can lead to the loss of license, and criminal prosecution. It now appears that Clinton and his cronies at Handgun Control, Inc. and the Violence Policy Center have not been satisfied with reducing the number of FFLs from over 200,000 to approximately 60,000 in the last six years. Now they want to ensure that law-abiding citizens can only transfer their personal firearms whether it be at gun shows or privately through a FFL. This is comparable to making
all car owners sell their vehicles through an authorized car dealership. And Senator Schumer will, surely, introduce legislation requiring all firearm sales through dealers when the new Congress, whose new leadership is promising to work more closely with the Democrats, convenes next January.

But whether such legislation is finally signed into law or not, American citizens are still exercising their God-given right of self-defense on a daily basis. In Atlanta, GA, an armed man defended his fiancée and himself from home invaders. Jerell Breedlove, who had just gotten off the nightshift, was awakened when armed thugs forced his fiancée, Tricia Miller, back into the house at gunpoint. He grabbed his .380 semi-automatic pistol, shot and killed one intruder while the other two hightailed for their stolen van. And across the state in Savannah, GA, an octogenarian demonstrated that a firearm could equalize the difference in age. When two thugs demanded money and keys to the car as well as assaulting his 78-year-old spouse, E. H. Brown grabbed his .38 and held one of the robbers at gunpoint until the police arrived. The other robber fled when Mr. Brown fired a shot in his direction.

These incidents are just part of the 2.5 million times a year that law-abiding citizens use firearms for self-defense. In most instances the incident is never reported because the would-be robber, rapist or murderer flees from an armed victim.

Criminals prey on people they think will be victims — especially the elderly and women. In both instances in Georgia the intended victim fit the stereotype; in both instances, they were defended by a law-abiding gunowner with a firearm.

Clinton, true to form, is on the attack against gun owners and he still has Chuck Schumer as an ally. However, this is just the beginning of a full-fledged reprisal against the rest of the “vast right wing conspiracy.” Although he has used the power of his administration from the IRS to the FBI to go after groups who do not agree with his policies or performance, the results of the Nov. 3 election have emboldened him. Those other groups who supported Newt Gingrich and his agenda: proponents of tax cuts, school choice, less government, home schooling, right-to-life, welfare reform and the myriad of other issues will be Clinton targets in due time. Just you wait!

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