Ron Brown had a wide variety of lovers during his term as the Secretary of Commerce. The U.S. taxpayers funded many of Brown’s sexual escapades directly with pay-offs, contracts and trade trips. Brown’s lovers ranged from employees under him at the Commerce Department to outsiders wishing to cash in on the relationship.

One such outside benefactor was Yla (pronounced “y-lah”) Eason, president of OLMEC Toys. Eason eagerly cashed in on her alleged sexual relationship with Brown to make millions in the U.S. toy market. In 1994, Brown helped Eason cut an exclusive deal with the Chinese army to produce plastic dolls for sale in the U.S.

Today, Yla Eason is a hunted woman on the run.

Yla Eason is a young single mother with striking features, who traveled frequently with Brown. In fact, she was a highly favored escort of Ron Brown. Eason traveled to China, Hong Kong and on the Commerce trade mission to South Africa with Ron Brown. Each mission was fully funded by the American taxpayer.

The Commerce Department picked Eason to serve as a speaking panelist at the 1995 BEM (Big Emerging Market) Conference in Washington. Some of her companions at these Brown sponsored events include other Democratic donors such as Bernard Schwartz, Sanford Robertson, Charlie Trie, John Huang and Nora Lum.

In 1994, Eason took a Hong Kong cruise on board the luxury liner Pacific Princess — the “Love Boat” — with Brown. Eason and Brown sailed the midnight South Pacific waters while attending a very posh and private party thrown by their Asian hosts.

Invitees to the “Love Boat” party included the president of the China CITIC bank. CITIC is part of the Chinese Communist government and a firm linked to international arms traffic. Wang Jun, chairman of CITIC, is also president of Poly Technologies, a Chinese weapon maker and exporter. In 1996, Wang Jun met with Ron Brown and Democratic National Committee fundraiser Charlie Yah-Lin Trie prior to meeting Bill Clinton and making a large contribution at a White House coffee/fundraiser.

In 1994, Brown took Eason to China. Eason met in Beijing with officials of the China National Toy Association (CNTA) at the personal arrangement of Ron Brown. The CNTA is actually a front for the People’s Armed Police (PAP) and the Chinese army (PLA). CNTA products are manufactured in Gulag-like prison factories called “laogai.”

Eason and Brown cut a deal with U.S. toy maker Hasbro to produce a line of “ethnically-correct” dolls in a Chinese army prison factory. Hasbro, of course, is a donor to the Democratic National Committee.

Eason obtained the rights from Hasbro to the GI Joe plastic molds. Eason created the “Bronze Bombers” — a line of African-American super-heroes, simply by painting the GI Joe doll faces black and charging $10 more. The “Bronze Bombers” were imported for sale in TOYS R US, KAYBEE Toys and Wal-Mart.

According to Chinese dissident Harry Wu, the Chinese police and Chinese army run prison factories that produce a wide variety of goods, including Eason’s “Bronze Bomber” line of dolls. Prisoners work from 12 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week, making highly volatile plastic products with no masks, no training and little ventilation. Statements provided by former prison camp guards to Mr. Wu show that torture and starvation is standard policy at Chinese prison factories.

Following the Bronze Bomber success, Eason set up her company headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, locating it inside a federal tax-free zone. Eason also secured $1.4 million in private backing from minority lenders to finance a second ethnically correct “hero” doll.

Earlier this year, WorldNetDaily ran an exclusive article on Yla Eason and
her profitable affair with Brown. In response, Eason fled Virginia and has since disappeared.

There are several people who would like to find Yla Eason and get their money back. The minority creditors have filed in Court against Eason and have seized the remaining Olmec inventory, including Eason’s latest creation of ethnic genius — 10,000 Malcolm X dolls.

These dolls are the ethnically correct and politically incorrect toy story of the Clinton administration. The cover story is a successful businesswoman whose creations stirred pride in the African-American community. The ugly facts are that she cheated African-American parents with an Al Jolson-like paint scheme. She sold toys made in a slave labor camp. Eason shafted her minority financial backers and is now on the run.

Yet, even the Malcolm X doll story has a perverted twist. Hasbro has recently announced a new “ethnically correct” General Colin Powell GI Joe doll released just in time for Christmas. The Colin Powell GI Joe is also made in China.

Children and minority lenders are not the only ones to suffer from scandal in Ron Brown’s bed. In fact, the world is one step closer to
the brink of nuclear Armageddon because of Brown and Clinton.

Brown had other intimate relationships outside Yla Eason. One confessed lover of Ron Brown is Nolanda Hill. Brown helped Ms. Hill establish TV and radio businesses, using minority set-asides provided by the Clinton administration.

Brown obtained financial backing for Hill who then purchased TV and radio stations under the pretense of minority access. Hill would later re-sell the stations for great profit, generally to the same financial backers locked out by the minority-based project. Brown and Hill are accused of splitting the profits.

Ms. Hill has testified under oath that Brown had some disturbing pillow talk after their passionate sex sessions. Brown confessed to her that the transfer of advanced U.S. military technology to China was treason.

Hill testified that Brown was scared and ordered by the White House to destroy documents. Brown informed her that Clinton advisers John Podesta and Leon Panetta ordered him to cover-up the high tech China exports by destroying evidence. Brown made these startling accusations just prior to his death in 1996.

Even today, the legacy of Ron Brown’s sex-for-trade policy haunts the Clinton administration. Ron Brown was not the only Commerce employee with a lover on the side. John Huang allegedly stayed at his girlfriend’s home in southern Maryland to avoid U.S. marshals. The marshals were attempting to serve Huang a subpoena to testify before Congress.

In 1997, Commerce legal counsel Hoyt Zia testified about his role in hiding John Huang from federal authorities. Zia is a former Motorola employee who took a highly sensitive position under Ron Brown. Zia is currently in charge of super computer and other advanced exports at the Commerce Department. During Zia’s last mission to Beijing in 1998, communist officials who denied access to inspect super computers previously sold to China rebuffed him.

During his deposition, Zia admitted that he called Huang several times at an unspecified location in Maryland. Zia refused to release his personal phone records despite the fact he agreed to do so under oath. The phone data reportedly shows the exact location of Huang’s hideout and the name of his lover.

Zia openly admitted that he knew Huang was being sought by federal law enforcement. Zia, himself a sworn officer of the Commerce Department, purposely withheld the location of Huang from federal officials.

Zia admitted that Commerce officials had given him Huang’s deposition before his own testimony. Zia confessed that he and Huang would frequently leave the Commerce Department and work at DNC headquarters raising money from the Asian-American community. Zia, however, refused to comment on what he and Huang did after these late night sessions of dialing for DNC dollars.

During his deposition, Zia denied that he had dated a former Commerce employee, who had taken a lobbying position with Iridium Corporation. Iridium is a joint satellite venture part owned by the Chinese army and part owned by Motorola.

Zia smiled warmly during his deposition while denying that he and the Iridium lobbyist had sex. When the questioning grew detailed, Zia began to contradict himself and he confessed to keeping Huang’s location secret.

Zia abruptly ended his deposition by walking out. Zia was clearly shaken by the questioning. Zia has since refused to submit any further testimony despite court orders that he return.

Motorola officials refused an offer to comment on Zia or Iridium efforts to lobby him. Motorola refused to confirm or deny the alleged sexual affair between Zia and their Iridium lobbyist.

The use of sex in exchange for special trade deals is a disgusting and dirty tale. It is a Clinton legacy left for future historians to ponder but avoided by the Congress and the mainstream press. It involves money, toys and even national security. All the elements of a good spy novel or front-page expose.

Sex, sex and more sex. The mainstream media is fascinated with Bill Clinton’s sordid little love affair with his child like employee, Monica Lewinsky. Yet, the evidence suggests that sex for favors was not only a common activity in the Clinton administration — sex for favors was a matter of national policy.


Documents on Yla Eason and Ron Brown

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