Impeachment is not the end. Impeachment is just the beginning.

Americans disgusted with the crimes of the Clinton administration must not rest on their laurels following the votes in the House of Representatives charging the president with high crimes and misdemeanors, and challenging his authority to remain in office. The two charges against Clinton, while certainly serious enough to warrant his removal from office, will not be enough to persuade a sufficient number of Democratic senators to convict.

Therefore, it is more important than ever that new evidence and new charges be brought to their attention. They are certainly there — if the system is forced to work.

Here are just some of the issues that must be brought to the attention of the American people, and their representatives and senators in Washington:

The political abuse of the Internal Revenue Service by members of the Clinton administration: A $10 million civil suit is pending in federal court right now, filed by WorldNetDaily’s parent company, the Western Journalism Center, and Judicial Watch, Larry Klayman’s government watchdog group. Yet, outside of WorldNetDaily, there has been next to no coverage of this landmark case in the press. Thus, Clinton’s defenders are permitted with impunity to lie on talk show after talk show by suggesting this administration is innocent of the kinds of abuses of power for which President Nixon was chased from office. The truth is that the Clinton administration is guilty of perpetrating a sweeping pattern of political audits against its critics, its political enemies, its adversaries of all stripes — from journalists to Paula Jones, to Billy Dale, to the National Rifle Association and dozens of non-profits. Nixon only dreamed of abusing federal power in this way. Clinton turned it into a new art form. This story must be told.

The misuse of FBI files for political purposes: Linda Tripp revealed new evidence just last week that officials close to President Clinton had in their possession hundreds, perhaps thousands, of classified dossiers of political enemies and used them illegally. There is evidence the information was copied into a White House database as part of a campaign that could only be authorized by the Clintons. If the White House is permitted to get away with this crime, personal privacy and individual freedom will be forever compromised in the United States of America. Once again, Clinton’s high crimes in this area far exceed those of the Nixon White House. Remember, White House counsel Charles Colson went to jail for possession of one FBI file.

Chinagate: The story of how Chinese military money was permitted to flow into both Democratic and Republican campaigns and causes must be exposed. Because this scandal is bipartisan, it may be the key to Republican timidity in demanding accountability from the Clinton administration. Yet, in many respects, it is the most serious offense — for it explicitly represents the possibility that “treason” and “bribery” were committed at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Cover-ups, violence, threats and intimidation: From the mysterious deaths of Vincent Foster, Ron Brown, and Jerry Parks to the intimidation of Kathleen Willey, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, and Dolly Kyle Browning. There’s way too much smoke here for there not to be some serious fires. Remember, as bad as Watergate was, there were no dead bodies. There was no fear. Linda Tripp said in a deposition last week that Monica Lewinsky gave her a Clinton “body count” list in an obvious effort to persuade her to hide the truth about the Clinton crimes from investigators. It’s time to stop pretending about Clintongate. There is a trail of death and a pattern of coercion that is inexplicable as anything but an orchestrated, systematic series of abuses of power and unspeakable crimes.

Now that the impeachment ice has been broken, it’s time to broaden the debate. It’s time to awaken the American people. It’s time to demand accountability from Congress — not just for questions of moral turpitude and perjury, but for an organized criminal racketeering enterprise being directed from the Oval Office.

Sometimes the truth hurts. But America must stop living in flight from reality.

Are you up to the challenge, America? Or would you prefer to keep pretending?

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