If Attorney General Janet Reno really wanted to investigate Bill
Clinton she need look no farther than WorldNetDaily.
Starting in 1998, WorldNetDaily readers were treated to a series
of articles on the documented sale of advanced technology to
China for campaign donations.

One prime example of the documented China scandal is a series of
letters written to President Clinton and Commerce Secretary Ron
Brown by million-dollar DNC donor Sanford Robertson. Sanford
Robertson is a U.S. businessman and a West Coast financial
banker. He recently sold his firm, Robertson Stephens Company,
to Bank of America for well over a billion dollars. Robertson,
when interviewed, could not remember traveling to China with Ron

The connections between Sanford Robertson, the Communist Chinese
and the Clinton/Gore campaign are provided in his own written
words. Robertson bragged in a 1994 letter to Ron Brown that his
influence extended into the PRC leadership by employing the son
of a powerful red party member.

Robertson also foolishly wrote a November 1994 “thank you”
letter to Bill Clinton. The letter was found in the files of
Ron Brown at the U.S. Commerce Department. Robertson thanked
Clinton in writing for sending him to China on U.S. tax dollars.
“Thank you for autographing the pictures taken in the Cabinet
room before Ron Brown’s delegation to China. The trip seemed to
be an economic and diplomatic triumph.”

Robertson’s letter to President Clinton specifically mentions
how Secretary Brown skipped over “human rights” during his 1994
talks with the Communist Chinese leadership. According to
Robertson, Brown went directly to more important issues such as
“helping Chrysler, Sprint and others with their joint ventures.”

Robertson concluded his letter to Clinton with a telling post
script, and a personal DNC donation report. Robertson wrote to
Clinton “Bob Rubin came to our home on Thursday for a Dianne
Feinstein dinner, which raised over $100,000 for her campaign.
Bob, of course, turned out the financial community and Silicon

Another prime example of Bill Clinton selling lucrative trade
rights in exchange for campaign donations is Bernard Schwartz,
the CEO of Loral. Schwartz traveled to Beijing in August 1994,
on U.S. tax dollars. Schwartz also donated over a million
dollars to the DNC.

According to documents discovered in the files of Ron Brown,
Schwartz met with Chinese Army Lt. General Shen Roug Jun, to
sell U.S. communications satellites and buy Chinese space
rockets. The meeting between Loral CEO Schwartz and the PLA
general was arranged by President Clinton.

The documented evidence shows Loral successfully exported
advanced military technology using the Brown connection and the
massive amount of money donated to the DNC. Another letter
discovered in the previously unreleased files of Ron Brown shows
that Loral Defense Systems President Jerald A. Lindfelt wrote
Brown in March of 1996.

Lindfelt sought Brown’s help in the export of an advanced radar
system called SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) to China’s State
Science and Technology Commission. SAR radar is employed by
U.S. bombers, and special military aircraft such as the advanced
JSTARS ground surveillance plane. SAR radar played a major role
in detecting and destroying Iraqi tanks during the Gulf War.

“We’ve worked hard trying to resolve these problems with the
Department of State, the Department of Commerce and the Defense
Technology Security Administration (DTSA),” Loral’s Lindfelt
wrote to Brown.

“But someone in these organizations always manages to block our
participation. … Over the years we have found that this type of
obstacle often comes from lower levels of management rather than
by people willing to look at the bigger picture. Could you help
us by identifying someone in the Commerce Department high enough
in the organization to help us resolve these issues and open
this marketplace. …”

Of course, Lindfelt knew he was writing to someone “high enough”
in the Commerce Department who could appreciate Loral’s plight.
Brown was well aware that Schwartz had donated over a million
dollars to Bill Clinton — the same man that would sign any

President Clinton left a paper trail a mile wide between himself
and his Chinese benefactors. Money paid to U.S. and Chinese
agents went directly into Bill Clinton’s 1996 campaign. In
exchange, Clinton used his pen to sign waiver after waiver,
circumventing Congress and the law, to export satellites, super
computers, radars, secure communications, and bombing navigation
equipment to China. In fact, according to the GAO, Clinton
personally authorized a secure communications system be sold
directly to the Chinese Air Force.

Motorola obtained a waiver from Bill Clinton to sell a secure
communications system to the Chinese police. Motorola obtained
that waiver over the objections of State Department diplomats
who noted that the Chinese police beat, tortured and killed
dissidents as a matter of PRC state policy. A policy of
oppression that continues today.

In February 1995, Motorola was impatient with the delay over
human rights and their proposed sale to red China. Motorola’s
CEO, Gary Tooker, wrote Ron Brown an angry letter detailing his

According to Tooker, Brown needed to “Delegate to the export
control officer appropriate authority for reviewing certain
classes of controls, e.g., encryption. … Export controls
administered by the State Department at the behest of the
National Security Agency (NSA) should NOT be referred for
endless delay to the human rights bureau and myriad others in

In July 1995, Motorola got the waiver. Clinton overrode the
objections of his diplomats and okayed the export with his
signature. In response, Tooker wrote
a personal note to Ron Brown, expressing his gratitude.

“Dear Ron,” wrote the Motorola CEO to Brown. “I am writing to thank
and some key members of the Commerce Department for your
assistance in obtaining the Presidential waiver for encryption
export sales to China.”

Of course, Ms. Reno is aware of all this. She participated in
the China encryption scandal. She approved of President
Clinton’s use of executive fiat to transfer power to the Brown
dominated Commerce Department.

Ms. Reno appointed her trusted Assistant Attorney General
Webster Hubbell to oversee a secret National Security Agency
(NSA) encryption chip project in 1993. Hubbell attended at
least one meeting at NSA Headquarters in May 1993, along with
Vince Foster and Bernard Nussbaum.

Documents from Hubbell’s personal schedule for 1993 show that
the Whitewater figure met multiple times at the White House on a
top secret computer chip project called CLIPPER. Hubbell met
with the then National Security Council (NSC) advisor George
Tenet. Tenet is currently the Director of the CIA.

Hubbell resigned from the Justice Department in April of 1994.
In late June 1994, Lippo boss James Riady met with John Huang
and Bill Clinton during five days of White House visits. Early
the next week, a Lippo unit paid Hubbell about $100,000.

In December 1994, Hubbell pled guilty to several felony charges
relating to illegal billing in the Whitewater affair. Webb
Hubbell also cited his Fifth Amendment rights to not testify
before the Senate Congressional hearings.

Reno, Hubbell, Huang, and the communist Chinese Generals all
shared a common interest in U.S. secure military communication
systems. Huang, also a Lippo paid agent, was so interested he
sought secret information. Huang was briefed 37 times on
satellite encrypted communications by the CIA. Huang has also
taken the Fifth.

Ms. Reno has been heavily involved in the making of export
policy of interest to China for quite some time. One 1996 CIA
report noted that Ms. Reno wanted to monitor all American
domestic computer communications such as e-mail, using a
technique to secretly intercept and decode any messages.

According to the CIA Director, the government would mandate all
computers be equipped with a special “back-door” system called
“key recovery.” Federal agents would use a secret “key” for a
back door to secretly read any computer communication. Prime
targets for government monitoring would be foreign governments,
banks, corporations, and individuals targeted by the Clinton
administration. The keys were to be held by “key recovery
agents” licensed by the Commerce Department.

Janet Reno wanted to wire a bug into your home, your bank
account, your Congressman and your life. Janet Reno, according
to Deutch, proposed an all out Federal take-over of the computer
industry. The Justice Department, proposed “legislation that
would … ban the import and domestic manufacture, sale or
distribution of encryption that does not have key recovery.”

The Chinese Generals were keenly aware of the clumsy attempt to
bug U.S. equipment they purchased. The red Generals were privy
to all the inner secrets through their White House contacts.
The NSA back doors and other bugs secretly stashed in satellites
by U.S. intelligence agencies have been discovered, disabled or
circumvented by the Chinese Army spy masters. America lost the
first Information War. The attempt to bug Beijing failed.

Janet Reno will never investigate this matter because she is hip
deep in the China scandal. Reno appointed the convicted former
partner of Hillary Clinton as her trusted Deputy in the
Department of Justice. Attorney General Reno continues to
ignore the penetration of Chinese agents into the White House.
Reno refuses to see any evidence because it links her to the
greatest spy story of the 20th Century.

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