The cloud of distrust that now surrounds Bill Clinton’s attack on Iraq should
remove any question about whether he should remain one second longer as
President of the United States. Because of his immoral actions and continual lies, no rational person trusts anything that he says. Because of what Bill Clinton has done, no rational person believes that he can make a decision that is in the interest of anyone other than himself. If Bill Clinton cared about anything other than clinging to power, he would follow the example of LBJ and Newt Gingrich, and step down today.

Remember Bill Clinton’s “Wag the Dog” attack against Sudan? Clinton kept his attack plans secret, which is to be expected. Were you as surprised as I when you learned that Clinton did not let the chiefs of staff of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, the Attorney General, and the FBI Director know what was brewing until one day before the Sudan attack?

This secretive “Wag the Dog” attack happened on the same week Bill and
Monica testified before the Grand Jury. Now, just hours before the House was likely to vote to impeach him, Bill Clinton attacks Iraq. Does anyone in their right mind believe that this was just a coincidence? Clinton says that the “Butler Report” compelled the attack. But we have clear and convincing evidence that he planned to launch the attack a week before he had even received the report.

What caused this latest “crisis” to escalate so quickly? Former U.N. Inspector Scott Ritter testified months ago that Saddam Hussein was making a mockery of the inspections. Why didn’t we attack then? In mid-November, we launched an attack against Iraq, only to have Clinton recall the planes thirty minutes before they struck. Why was that attack aborted? Was it because Clinton wanted to “save” it for another diversion? How can this President do anything in the future where we will not question his judgment?

In the months following the Sudanese attack, many questioned Clinton’s claim that the Sudanese plant was making a dangerous substance. President Carter even called upon Clinton to submit his evidence to an impartial international body to prove or disprove his claims. To this day, Clinton has refused to respond to the wide spread international call for an impartial tribunal to judge the Sudan attack.

Why is this important? Because America can have no credibility in the world if we refuse to do what we are insisting that Saddam Hussein do. Now that we have attacked Iraq again, the world has a right to ask again, where is your proof that your attack on Sudan was justified?

Earlier this week, Clinton went to the Middle East to try to revive the faltering “Wye Plantation” accords between the Palestinians and Israel. Does anyone doubt that this trip was nothing more than another attempt to distract America from his high crimes and misdemeanors? Does anyone doubt that the hastily convened Wye negotiations were anything other than an attempt to rebuild Clinton’s credibility as a leader?

Many of us wondered why Bill Clinton weighed in so strongly on the side of the Palestinians during his just completed trip. Many of us wondered why he
consistently made statements that were at odds with his administration’s position for six years. Many of us were stunned when Clinton equated the children of Jews murdered by terrorists with the children of Arabs imprisoned for criminal acts. Those Jewish kids will never see their parents again. The Arab kids can visit their parents in jail. To equate the two is evidence that Clinton is totally out of touch with reality, or that he is completely without shame.

In retrospect, Clinton was obviously setting the stage for his pre-impeachment attack on Iraq. He was trying to “sweet talk” the Arab world before launching another “Wag the Dog” attack to attempt to save his beleaguered presidency. Does anyone now doubt that Bill Clinton will waste billions of our tax dollars to keep from facing the rightful consequences of his immorality?

How many Africans and Arabs will die before you admit to being a liar and a
philanderer, Mr. President? How many Americans who did what you refused to do, by joining the military, will die because you are trying to cover up the fact that you are a pathological lying sexual addict, Mr. President? How many Americans will die when our embassies are blown up in response to your “Wag the Dog” attacks, Mr. President?

Bill Clinton’s defenders say that a president shouldn’t lose his job because of
illicit and immoral “private” sex acts with a consenting adult. The problem is that Bill Clinton had sex with a federal employee in the people’s house during working hours. That is not a “private” act. The problem is that when Bill Clinton continued to have sex with a woman half the age of his wife, his daughter was upstairs and his wife was working down the hall. That is not a “private” act.

Bill Clinton’s defenders say that although he lied under oath, he didn’t commit perjury because his lies were not “material” to Paula Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit. Let me translate this in to “standard” English. “It is true that our President is a lying sack. However, he didn’t lie about anything important, even if he was under oath. So although he repeated his lie on national television and didn’t come clean until they produced his semen-covered dress, he should continue to be the chief law enforcement officer of the United States because everybody cheats on their wife and lies about it.”

That “defense” doesn’t work for me. I am not willing to say that a woman’s
right to a fair trial is immaterial. I am not willing to accept that everyone is an adulterous liar. Do you believe that Judge Susan Weber Wright would have dismissed Paula Jones’ case if Bill Clinton had told the truth about Monica? If Paula Jones had no case, why did he pay her three-quarters of a million dollars to drop it?

Some Democrats and Hollywood types say that to impeach Bill Clinton is to
reverse two presidential elections. Well, my friends, they didn’t use that argument to defend Richard Nixon. Bill Clinton never could convince 50% of the voters to support him in either of his presidential elections. Richard Nixon was reelected by a landslide and carried every state except the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. Nixon’s landslide victory didn’t stop the Democrats from moving to impeach a very popular president then. Bill Clinton’s less than stellar victory should not stop us from holding him accountable for his betrayal of the laws of this great country.

What Bill Clinton’s defenders don’t understand is what an awesome
responsibility it is to be President of the United States. Remember the story about George Washington? The story that every American child learns as they grow up? The story where George said “yes, I cut down the cherry tree, I cannot tell a lie.” What will be the story that we remember about Bill Clinton’s presidency? Will it be: “Why yes I’m an evil, sinful liar and I cheated on my wife, but shucks, everyone is a cheating liar so who cares” ?

At its essence, true leadership is about trust. Does anyone trust Bill Clinton
today? Does his word mean anything? Does anyone doubt that he will say or do whatever he thinks will get him what he wants? Does anyone really believe that Bill Clinton has any credibility at all with international leaders? After all, if he would lie to his wife, to his cabinet, to his lawyers, to his country, and to the whole world on global television, why would he tell them the truth now?

Remember how it used to be before Clinton? Remember when kids used to say that they “want to become President” when they grew up? Wanting to become President was a proxy for achieving the American dream. How many kids look at Bill Clinton today and want to be just like Bill? How many of you who have daughters want them to work alone at night with Bill?

How many parents approve of how Bill Clinton conducted himself in private with an emotionally disturbed young lady half his age? How many of Bill Clinton’s supporters would still be on his side if it turned out that Monica is an agent of a foreign government? What did Bill do to make sure that she wasn’t a foreign agent?

Some Democrats say that starting impeachment hearings while American
troops are attacking Iraq is almost treasonous. Oh, how soon they forget their past. Don’t they remember that they were on the verge of impeaching President Nixon while tens of thousands of Americans were still in Vietnam. Democrats in Congress — have you no memory? Have you no shame? If you can’t defend your president on the grounds that he is an honorable, moral and truthful man — replace him with Al Gore today.

The tragedy of Bill Clinton’s presidency is not whether we should impeach him. He should and will be impeached. No, the real tragedy of Bill Clinton’s presidency is that he has besmirched, befouled, and disgraced one of the most important institutions of human liberty, the Presidency of the United States of America. For that crime, no punishment can be sufficient to compensate the world for our loss.

Bill, for the first and last time in your life, do something for someone else.

Resign now.

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