What’s the definition of irony?

On the last day of 1998, while 13-year-old Danny Williams was
awaiting the results of a DNA test he and his prostitute mother believe
will prove Bill Clinton is Danny’s biological father, the president
announced a sweeping new federal child-support crackdown designed to
harness all the coercive power of Washington in squeezing America’s
deadbeat dads.

Danny Williams

I’m not kidding. For anyone who didn’t think it was possible for
Clinton to humiliate himself, his family and his country more than he
already has in sex, lies and hypocrisy scandals, get ready for

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, this is a story that has
been kicking around for a long time. I first saw the photo of young
Danny about six or seven years ago and was struck with the likeness to
Clinton. But a face alone does not make for proof. Photos do lie. So do
some down-and-out mothers. But, generally speaking, DNA tests don’t.
That’s why it will be very interesting to see what tabloid reporter
Richard Gooding comes up with when Danny Williams’ DNA is compared to
the sample Clinton gave Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s
investigators in the matter of the semen-stained dress.

Danny has reportedly been told his entire life that he is Clinton’s
son. His mother, Bobbie Ann, says she conceived her son during a paid
sex act with Clinton. She reportedly passed a lie-detector test.

How was a story like this bottled up for all these years? Thank the
Clinton attack machine. When political consultant Steve Denari, director
of Ross Perot’s Illinois campaign, informed George Stephanopolous that
he was ready to go public with the story before the 1992 election, he
was warned he would never work in Democratic Party politics again.

“It’s completely bull—-!” barked Stephanopolous. “If you went on
the radio and said that Bill Clinton is the father of an illegitimate
black child, you will be laughed at. People will think you’re crazy. …
You will be embarrassed before the national press corps. People will
think, nobody will believe you, and people will think you’re scum.”

Stephanopolous also broadly hinted that, if the story went away,
there might be something in it for Denari. Hmmmm. Maybe some dinero for
Denari? Blackmail, threats, extortion. The Clinton slime machine has
proved time and time again that playing hardball still works in American

But that was then and this is now.

If the DNA match is positive, will Clinton’s defenders be able to
spin their way out of this web? Thirteen years without paying child
support is a long time. What will the ensuing scandal mean to Clinton’s
staunchest bases of support — America’s black community and U.S. women?
And how will the president’s newest child-support initiative play
politically after this revelation?

In announcing the crackdown on deadbeat dads, the White House said:
“Despite record child-support collections, there are still too many
parents who flagrantly ignore their obligations to their children, and
the president will propose to spend $46 million to identify, investigate
and prosecute these deadbeat parents.”

“Since taking office, President Clinton has made child-support
enforcement a top priority, and those efforts are paying off for
children across America,” the statement continued.

Danny Williams will, no doubt, be grateful to hear that. But will it
take a DNA test, once again, to get Clinton to admit his offense? Or,
this time, with Clinton facing an impeachment trial, will he ever admit
anything? Is anything ever enough with Clinton?

Well, talk about being hoist by one’s own petard, in June Clinton
signed into law the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act, creating two new
categories of federal felonies for the most egregious child-support
violators, a measure he had called for in his 1997 State of the Union

So, if it’s more high crimes and misdemeanors the Senate is looking
for, maybe Bill Clinton’s mistreatment of Danny Williams and his mother,
Bobbie Anne, for all these years will prove to be the last straw.

Under Clinton’s new scheme, the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services will establish investigative teams in five regions of the
country to identify and investigate cases for prosecution. The Justice
Department promises aggressive prosecutions and convictions of this new
felony class of crimes. No word on whether Janet Reno will name an
independent counsel to look into the issues surrounding the First Son.

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