OK, folks. According to a group of well-placed National Guard commanders, your federal government has been lying to you about the potential seriousness of the Y2K millennium bug crisis.

While officials have been sharing any good news they have with the American public, they have been systematically withholding the gloomiest reports because they are afraid you will, being immature, helpless and child-like, panic.

So, our sources tell us, Washington has a plan to save you from yourselves.

As part of that plan, the government is mobilizing, for the first time since World War II, the entire National Guard for exercises this May.

How bad does the government think the rupture in our infrastructure will be next Jan. 1? Well, if the planned exercises are any indication, pretty bad. The National Guard is being required to mobilize without the use of telephones, radio or television to get the word out. Sounds like Washington is expecting the worst.

And that doesn’t sit well with some top National Guard officers who don’t like to see their fellow citizens deceived by government, nor the Constitution ignored.

“I’ve taken an oath, and I don’t see some of the senior folks following through on their oath,” one officer told WorldNetDaily in an exclusive report yesterday. “Not only is my oath to the Constitution, but it’s to the people. As far as I’m concerned, the faster and sooner people are educated on this stuff, the less panic will ensue.”

That would seem like a logical course to follow. It’s the model established already in Canada and the United Kingdom where officials have presented worst-case scenarios to the people and openly discussed the prospect for martial law. In the United States, the opposite tack has been chosen by political leaders. They put the best face on the problem and hold secret meetings to plot emergency procedures involving military force in America’s cities.

The government is even planning to buy off the loyalty of the troops with a Christmas bonus this year — January’s salary a month early. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be the government is worried about how checks might be distributed in the dark? Or is it a form of coercion to ensure troops show up for work for which they have already been paid to perform?

And what is that work? From what the National Guard whistleblowers say, it involves making sure you people behave yourselves — making no unnecessary bank withdrawals, making no unnecessary trips, etc.

As one of the National Guard officers interviewed said: “I have no doubts about the bunker mentality of the Clinton administration. Let’s put it this way, our civil rights are going to take a nosedive.”

Now let’s put the pieces together: Last summer in Senate hearings, Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre confirmed that the Pentagon was planning martial law scenarios to cope with anticipated Y2K chaos. Last month, presidential Y2K czar John Koskinen advised a conference in San Francisco that the free market might not be the most efficient way to distribute goods and services in a crisis situation. President Clinton has at least 11 times in his administration reaffirmed that a “state of emergency” exists already in the United States, permitting him special extra-constitutional powers. The president has been impeached and is awaiting trial in the Senate on charges involving lying under oath, deception of the American people and profound character defects.

And now this — the biggest domestic military call-up since 1940.

What do you think’s going on? Am I being paranoid? Am I seeing fascists under every bed? Am I jumping to conclusions? Is this just business as usual? Or do we have a problem here, Houston?

Nat Hentoff — he no member of the vast right-wing conspiracy — wrote recently that Clinton has inflicted more harm on our constitutional rights and liberties than any other president in this century. I personally think he understates the case. But the point is: Can we as a free nation afford to allow this potential tyrant, this megalomaniac, this demagogue, to remain in power during what promises to be the most trying two years for America and the world since the 1940s?

No. We can’t. And it’s time for these issues to be raised, forthrightly and candidly, in the only forum that can properly and legally address them — the impeachment trial of William Jefferson Clinton.

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