How many times have you heard that Bill Clinton didn’t really commit
perjury in his testimony in the Paula Jones case because Monica Lewinsky
was later deemed not to be a material witness in the case?

Such a suggestion makes about as much sense to me as concluding that
because O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murdering Nicole Brown
Simpson and Ron Goldman that the victims are not really dead.

Here’s why, no matter what any judge rules, Monica Lewinsky’s
testimony in the Paula Jones case was absolutely germane, relevant and
critical to a fair and just verdict in the case.

Let’s review some basic facts: Paula Jones said Arkansas Gov. Bill
Clinton solicited her — in the crudest, most vulgar way, Billy-Bob,
white trash manner — for oral sex. Not for straight sex, mind you. Not
for a long-term affair. Not for a night at a cheap motel. No. For a few
minutes of quick, wham, bam, thank-you Ma’am oral sex in a hotel suite.
He was a busy man and he needed what he needed without any foreplay,
candlelight or small talk. And what he needed was very specific — he
needed her to, in his words, “kiss it.”

Let’s also keep in mind that Paula Jones was a state employee.
Clinton wasn’t just her boss — he was the ultimate boss. He was the
king of Arkansas. He could move the Ozarks. There wasn’t anything he
couldn’t do in the land of Little Rock. Paula Jones was a lowly, hourly
employee who seldom if ever came into contact with such movers and

When this simple peasant girl had the nerve to refuse the wishes of
her ultimate master, she was warned not to make any trouble over this.
Remember, he told her, I know your supervisor — we’re good friends.
Don’t tell anyone about this. You’re a smart girl.

Disgusted by her experience, but frightened and intimidated, too, she
didn’t make an issue of the brutish harassment — at least, not until a
magazine article suggested she had “come on” to the president and
offered to be his girlfriend. That was the last straw. She wanted the
record straight. She wanted Clinton to apologize to her and let the
world know she did no such thing. He refused. Paula Jones got nothing
from Bill Clinton — until she sued him and received, after much delay,
an $850,000 settlement.

Now, let’s go to Lewinsky. Why is her testimony so relevant? Like
Paula Jones, she was a lowly White House employee. An intern, she was
about as far removed from the powerful world of the president of the
United States as you could get. Yet, she was under his influence, under
his command and — in this case — under his spell. Lewinsky obligingly
gave Clinton just what he wanted between those hectic meetings with
Yasser Arafat, pesky congressmen and Eleanor Mondale. And notice that he
wanted the same thing from both Jones and Lewinsky.

But, unlike Jones who didn’t cooperate, Lewinsky was rewarded for her
extracurricular activities. Even though her job evaluation reviews were
mediocre and the fact that she was not well-regarded around the White
House as an employee, because of her performance on her knees, she
landed on her feet.

She got an assignment at the Defense Department and top-security
clearance. Later, the president got her interviews for jobs at the
United Nations with our U.N. ambassador. He had Vernon Jordan get her
job offers from top corporations.

In short, her experience was quite a bit different from Paula Jones,
who, ultimately, felt compelled to leave the state of Arkansas and move,
with her husband, to California.

I absolutely believe without a shadow of a doubt that, if Clinton and
Lewinsky had not lied under oath in the Paula Jones case, Lewinsky’s
story would have significantly buttressed Jones’ case. I believe it
would have resulted in a guilty verdict and a sizable civil judgment
against Clinton. I believe Lewinsky’s testimony was only dismissed as
immaterial because she and the president lied in an effort to deny Paula
Jones justice in her civil rights case.

Remember all this the next time you hear one of those Clinton
apologists making the case that Monica Lewinsky was not even a material
witness in a case that was dismissed.

Clinton should be in jail for that perjury, that conspiracy, that
flagrant disregard for equal justice under the law, that contempt for
the oaths he took. He certainly cannot command the respect and integrity
needed by the chief law enforcement official in the most powerful nation
on earth.

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