Say a little prayer this morning at 6:23 AM (EST) — and again at
7:18 AM
— and again at 8:17 AM — and once more at 9:35 AM. This is the
and those are the times that the DEAR MR. PRESIDENT radio campaign sends

a wake-up call to Washington, D.C., via the airwaves of WMAL, the
news station in the nation’s capitol. Later in the day the ads will hit
again inside the beltway on WTOP, the CBS Radio Network affiliate that
commands the attention of Washington insiders. (Listen to the ads

An attempt to place the ads on WHUR, the No. 1 urban music station
in the market was refused by the station’s general manager, Jim Watkins.
He said, “We’re not airing this stuff, for any price.” (He allows ads
for condoms and Planned Parenthood, but spots advocating integrity and
morality are a problem.)

I launched this campaign with my eyes wide open … I’ll likely get
an audit notice from the IRS before the month is out … some shady
character will probably approach me soon and comment about what nice
pets I have and wouldn’t it be a shame if something happened. None of
that would shock me.

But there have been surprises — WHUR’s refusal to air the spots;
stations initially quoting me spot prices of $300 to $400 a minute then
tripling those rates when they discover the ad’s content; hate e-mail is

now an hourly ritual; I’ve been accused of running an Internet scam
(more about that later); and more. Still, I would do it all again in a
minute for one reason.

Whatever anyone might try to do to me, pales in importance to what
they are doing to America. I’m tired of the administration’s mantra —
“it’s only about sex; it’s only about personal behavior; it doesn’t
affect anybody but the president’s family.” Hogwash! What happens in
Washington doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It affects all of us, and our
children. That’s the message of the DEAR MR. PRESIDENT radio ads. And
they’re just beginning.

After the ads run in D.C. I plan to buy ad time in New York. From
on to the heartland … because this is a message from America to
America. We’re starting in D.C. and New York because that’s where the
media “live.” I want them to hear the message in the hope that they’ll
talk about it. And the strategy is working — before the ads have even
aired I’ve had calls from the Associated Press, CNN and Fox News

They all ask the same question, “Is there some special interest group
behind this?” And I say “Yes, the American people, the common man, the
most special interest group of all.” I have been so blessed to find
thousands of people willing to help … contributing money to cover the
purchase of ad time … e-mailing to spread the word about the need for
money, more e-mail and more prayer … covering the campaign in all
media to generate more support. But I still need more help — and yes,
that means more money, lots more.

To reach all of America with the message of the DEAR MR. PRESIDENT
campaign will cost at least one million dollars. That might seem out of
reach. But all it would take would be for the prominent voices of the
conservative broadcast community to get on board. Imagine the impact if
Rush Limbaugh were to give the campaign a plug; or Sean Hannity; or Paul
Harvey; or James Dobson; or the many other influential conservative and
Christian voices on the airwaves. The impact would be immediate and
dramatic. We could change the course of American history. Pray for that
to happen.

On a personal note. People say, “DEAR MR. PRESIDENT is a great idea,
but how do I know it’s not just another Internet scam?” Here’s the
First, WHO I AM is far more important to me than WHAT I HAVE. I’m a
Christian, family man who jealously guards his reputation. I would never
anything to tarnish it. I have been blessed with numerous awards for
community involvement. I have twice been named one of San Diego’s
“Outstanding Young Citizens” by the Junior Chamber of Commerce; I was
named an Olympic Hero torch bearer; I have raised over a million dollars
for charity by producing a Christmas album called “The Stars Come Out
for Christmas.” That’s who I am. Second, I invite you to check me out —
with long time friend Mike Reagan; or Joseph and Elizabeth Farah or
Roger Hedgecock; or anybody else who knows me. You’ll find I’m a man of
my word. Finally, I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if
I took even one dollar that wasn’t rightfully mine. If that doesn’t
convince you, call me at 619-674-4444 and we’ll talk, person to person.
Enough said.

Please, pray for success … that the influential voices will speak
up; that
many will be moved to support the effort. Consider what you can do to
help — maybe you’re in a position to send a dollar and a few e-mails —

maybe you could personally underwrite the cost of an ad or two in a
major market — anything would help. You can make a donation on the
secure server on my web site or by mail to DEAR MR. PRESIDENT; PO Box
28700, San Diego, CA 92198.

We will succeed … because I believe in a great God who performs
miracles. And heaven knows, America needs a miracle!

Steve Vaus is singer-songwriter and recording artist based in
Southern California. He maintains a website at

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