SAN DIEGO — The radio ad campaign criticizing President Clinton’s moral influence on children hits New York City tomorrow after a succesful run in Washington, D.C. — but not on the popular Imus show.

The “DEAR MR. PRESIDENT” campaign, speaheaded by singer-songwriter Steve Vaus, features children’s voices reading letters to President Clinton in which the children ask for the president’s help after they’re caught lying in a variety of situations.

The spots will air on 106.7 Lite FM (N.Y.’s top music station); WCBS (the top news station); and WABC. WFAN, the flagship station for “Imus in the Morning,” refused the ads.

In one spot, in the series of three, a youngster complains in a letter to the president of being in trouble for lying about cutting her brother’s hair, “I’m in trouble with my dad. I was playing beauty shop and my brother wanted his hair cut, he didn’t mind that I cut it all off. But when dad saw it he was angry – he asked if I cut it I said no, the scissors cut his hair – I was only holdin them. So technically I wasn’t lying. But dad got mad and put me on restriction. I was hopin’ for censure. Mr. President, could you call my dad? You can explain lying better than anybody.” An announcer adds, “If it takes a village to raise a child, the leader of that village must lead by example. Children must know that facts matter. Truth counts. And wrong’s not
right -ever. Think about it.”

Vaus said, “These ads are really having an impact nationwide, even though we’ve only paid to run them so far, in Washington, D.C., and New York. We’ve had other stations calling offering to air them for free. That’s happened in over 200 other cities. A car dealer in Des Moines, Iowa
called and asked if he could buy time on all the stations there to air the ads. People are realizing this issue affects everyone. It’s not just about sex or personal behavior, despite what the White House says.”

About WFAN’s refusal to air the ads Vaus commented, “Imus is Mr. Controversy, why they would refuse to air this ad is beyond me. If Imus finds out, I have a feeling he’ll be heard from on this.”

The campaign is being funded by donations solicited by email, from conservative talk radio listeners, and on Vaus’ Website where the spots can be heard.

The “DEAR MR PRESIDENT” campaign will begin airing across America next week.

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