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Unasked questions

As the eyes of the world are turned on the U.S. Senate trail of
William Jefferson Clinton, the questions unasked remain the most
significant, monumental, and potentially terminal.

I have often noted the difference between form and
substance/perception and reality. The mere fact that the current dog and
pony show is allowed to overshadow the more salient, and noxious, facts
surrounding the unfitness of the president to remain in office, is a
finesse of epic proportions. Sherlock Holmes once observed that it isn’t
important what a man does, but rather what people think he has done.

The House managers are doing a workmanlike, albeit ponderous, job of
delineating the details of the president’s demonstrated perjury and
obstruction of justice. However, no one is (or arguably will) ever get
to address what many consider to be the president’s treason and national
security threat.

If, or when any one of the three aforementioned items were to be
introduced into an impeachment trial, the result should be (ipso facto)
GUILTY. Frankly, any senator failing to convict on these high crimes,
would themselves, be guilty of massive and monumental malfeasance. But
there is more. …

All of the above is known to the House and the Senate. All of the
above could, should, and would lead to an obvious guilty verdict in the
Senate. However, we haven’t (and probably won’t) get to hear any
testimony or see any evidence introduced. Why?

Is the president above the law?