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Face to face with New Age reality

Editor’s note: In this third part of an on-going series on angels, demons, and things that go bump in the night, a former New Ager tells of her convoluted world of demonic spirits.

Peggy Pardo is a charming marketing assistant in a Montreal investment firm and on the leadership team of a Messianic Jewish congregation.

Outwardly, there are few signs to indicate that once demonic spirits surrounded her from the New Age.

In her own words, Pardo told her story to World Net Daily:

My story began through a search for the root of medical problems. I searched for alternatives to drugs and surgery after I had worked for many years for doctors and in the hospital. I dabbled in many areas looking for answers … physical fitness, health food and vitamin therapies, pop psychology and finally hypnosis. I had a practice of hypnotherapy where my partner and I taught behavior modification, relaxation techniques and positive thinking to combat life’s various ills.

I was asked one day by one of my clients if I could do hypnosis for past life regression. I had always had a curiosity with the supernatural and attended several seminars to learn how to do it. I was amazed by what I saw, although a little skeptic and wondered if it was simply the person making up stories. My client, however, was convinced that where she went in that state was true and I had no evidence to prove her wrong. It did, however, open a door to delve into this whole area further.

One day I was invited to a seminar (in Vancouver) by Nancy Shiply-Rubin who was channeling an entity named “Aurora.” I hesitated at first, due to my skepticism, but my friend insisted that I go with her.

I had practiced transcendental meditation since I was 27, due to stress, and was told that this is a scientifically proven method to reduce stress. I had even taken my 12-year-old daughter to learn it.

I only learned years later what philosophy or religion lay behind it.

As I sat and listened to Nancy, she said that during meditation she had heard a voice which told her that if she allowed this spirit to speak through her, the wisdom of the ages would be revealed to her and she would become very successful and would be able to help many people. She agreed.

She said that her spirit would leave her body and the spirit of Aurora would enter and speak through her. As I watched, thinking that this was only hypnosis and an outpouring of her unconscious mind, I saw a complete change take place in her … her voice, her eyes, her stance -but more than that, it was what happened in my own body that really got my attention.

Up to that point, I had believed that the unconscious mind held amazing power and by unlocking it we could unlock the great secrets of the human soul. I had not really thought deeply about any other dimensions.

As Aurora spoke about what was happening on the planet, I felt something very strange happening in my own body. The whole left side of my body was tingling to the point of numbness and icy cold, like when my foot would fall asleep and the right side was

She talked about the earth changes that were coming; that the planet was moving into the age of Aquarius and leaving the Piscean age … that those on earth who were not going to be able to keep up with the changes of frequency which would happen as the earth sped up, would be taken off the planet to make room for those who were more “enlightened.” The longer she spoke the stronger were these symptoms to the point where I couldn’t shake it off.

She led the group through a meditation and I began to weep uncontrollably. During her question and answer period, I raised my hand to find out what was happening to me. She did not even look
at me. After I returned home, I went to bed and found myself running to the bathroom time after time having pain every time I urinated. This was too weird and I had no answers, so I decided to
attend her seminar again in two days.

She continued her message to her audience and I can’t really remember what she said, all I knew was that I wanted her to tell me what had happened to me. As the question period began, I hadn’t
yet lifted my hand, when she looked at me first and said, you’re next. I didn’t have to tell her what happened. She began to describe that the left side of the body represents the feminine aspect to our nature and that mine had been very blocked. She went on and on about my past, relating things about my father that she couldn’t know, about a pain which I was experiencing in my
neck, which I didn’t mention and told me about my future destiny.

I was hooked.

From that moment on, I attended one seminar after another to which I was “led.” Circumstances would dictate how I would spend my day. I was led by signs and wonders and let me tell you, there were plenty of them.

One day my boss called me to join her in a restaurant where she introduced me to a man who she said I would find very interesting. As I sat and listened to their conversation, suddenly I burst into
tears. I couldn’t understand. This was definitely not something I would do in front of a total stranger. He just smiled and kept talking to her. He had a book in front of him, which he eventually told me about called a “Course in Miracles.” My boss left me there alone with him and he told me that the reason I cried was my soul recognized his soul from a past life. If he had told me this before, I would have laughed and walked away, but after what I had experience with Aurora, I was wide open.

He told me that there were many souls from that past era of the glory of Egypt and the Roman Empire which were returning now to assist the planet to move into this new stage and that I was a
player. He told me that I needed to begin to cleanse my body and prepare to receive a spirit, that I would live on in this body eternally.

He gave me the book, which looked like a bible. It was written, actually channeled, by a Jewish psychiatrist from Columbia in New York, who also had heard a voice. She too had been very disenchanted with the traditional medical practices and was looking for alternatives.

The voice told her that it was the voice of Jesus Christ and that she was chosen to impart to the world a new bible, the true way to love and forgiveness. In addition, that the old Bible was no longer valid and that one day all humanity would be required to take this course.

Later, after I got saved, my cousin who is Jewish believer, read through the book and at the end, the spirit described itself in this way: “? you will listen to what I say, for we are many, our name is Legion.” Today I know who that is, but I didn’t then.

Being the quickstart that I am and so thirsty for the truth, I told my boss that I was taking a sabbatical for one year to do this course. I moved to a smaller apartment and decided to live only on my child support and live the rest by faith. This was the beginning of a downhill slide that almost led to tragedy but did lead me to coming to faith in the Messiah.

I threw away my cigarettes, stopped smoking pot, stopped drinking wine or any alcohol, rested, did a lesson a day in the book, meditated and allowed myself to be led day by day wherever the spirit would lead.

This was a time when I met many people, who were involved in the New Age. I did sessions in every type of New Age philosophy that I could find and in Vancouver there were plenty. The teachers were plentiful and many told me what an advanced spirit I was and how this was my last lifetime and then I would be one with the godhead. My ego was certainly being fed.

I dabbled into Hinduism, Buddhism and all the isms I could find. I would only read channeled books and all my friends were channelers. I experienced rebirthing sessions which would bring me back to the womb where I would be “reborn” into a new life, attended Indian sweat lodges where we would sweat and chant out evil spirits and bad past life experiences. I read the teachings of various gurus such as Sai Baba in India and miracles happened in my life in his name. I wanted to go to India to meet him.

My best friend channeled several entities and one day at his home, I found a Bible sitting on his desk. I opened it to Matthew and read the Sermon on the Mount. I didn’t have a problem with Jesus. He was a reincarnated master, who had come to this planet as the other ascended masters had to guide the planet at different points in ‘her’ development and enlightenment.

I remember loving Jesus when I attended Protestant high school and we sang hymns about Him ? but where do you take it from there? Jews didn’t believe in Jesus.

As I read the sermon, something about it drew me to type it out and when I reached the verse: “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” I wondered what he meant. I put that paper on my wall and for five years and I would look at it and ask ‘what does this mean?’ Little did I know that years later, I would come to understand.

I continued to attend seminars on “out of body experiences,” took courses in reading auras, tarot cards, I became a healer. When someone would come to me for hypnosis with a pain, I could stop and tune in and tell them by feeling it in my own body, exactly where the pain was. I would walk along and felt myself channeling light to those around. I became spiritually arrogant to the point where no one knew more than I did about being spiritual and at the same time, there was a small voice that questioned everything I saw. I always seemed to recognize the true seekers.

In the meantime, I wanted my two daughters to learn what I was learning. I was taught that they weren’t really my daughters, instead they were two spirits who chose to live this lifetime with me to live out their own karma and that my responsibility was not to them, but to my destiny and to the planet. This led me to make some very foolish decisions.

I finally met a man, Stephen, who channeled an entity named Isaiah. He said it was the prophet from Biblical times. I had never read Isaiah so I didn’t know the difference. I was hooked into his world from the first seminar. We began to work together and I became his manager. We traveled for him to give seminars, like Aurora did, all over Vancouver and we earned a good living.

He would hold a huge crystal in his hand and leave his body and Isaiah would emerge. He traveled with his young son and his life, now that I look back, was quite a mess.

I still couldn’t see beyond the veil that was over my eyes. I followed him to Santa Fe, New Mexico with my younger daughter, who I took out of school. She continued her high school by correspondence and loved the life of traveling. The lifestyle that I brought her into was too much for her and she decided to go back to Montreal to live with her father.

It was from the moment she left that I began to wake up. Things started to go wrong and we were no longer able to get people to come to our seminars. I remember walking out into the desert and lifting my hands to the heavens and asking God, who I had always talked to, to show me the truth and lead me out of there.

Within two days, I received a phone call from my ex- mother in law that I needed to come to Vancouver. My older daughter was extremely ill. My initial thought was that this was a ploy to get me to leave my destiny, but something inside knew that was a lie.

She paid for my ticket and when I arrived at the home where my daughter was staying, I cried out in anguish when I saw her. She was so ill she could hardly stand. She was down to skin and bones with colitis. I felt an evil force in the house and had to get out. I took her to a hotel/apartment where I nursed her for two weeks. I called all my old New Age friends to see if they could tell me what was wrong with her. I chanted, put her in a circle to cast out spirits, prayed, and did everything I knew how to do, including good old fashioned chicken soup with matzo balls.

After two weeks she was still too weak to travel and still looking for signs as to where to go next, I stood looking out the window. There was a truck with the name of apartments with short-term rentals. I immediately called and the woman, who came to get us was a born again Christian. She told me to give up all the other things I was doing and only keep Jesus. I didn’t understand what she meant, but I know she prayed for us.

God knew I looked for signs and He led me through signs directly to Him. Today I am very wary of signs and wonders, although I know that He can do anything He wants to.

After I had returned to Montreal, I called my friend from the Psychic center and we talked about how we wanted to go back to our Jewish roots, but we both didn’t know what to do about Jesus.

Two days later, I met my cousin who was a Jew, who believed in Jesus.

She showed me the Scripture in Genesis where God told Abraham not to have anything to do with the abominations in the land where He was going to take him. When I read these things, I was overwhelmed that these were all the things I had been doing for those many years. No one told me that God hated these things.

I started attending Bible studies and after several weeks, I was so confused. My daughter was angry that I was on to something new.

My life had been so destroyed in the New Age that I had lost all my confidence in any decision I could make. I was in such debt, needed surgery, had to find a new career and had two daughters to support. I really needed some answers.

That’s when the real miracles began. Knowing that I look for signs, God conveniently placed a booklet at my feet one day when I was taking the subway home. I had been asking, “How do I know the Bible is the truth?” and there at my feet was a booklet from the Radio Bible Class entitled, How to know if the Bible is the truth. I really didn’t need to read it. I already knew. I never looked back. It was a few months later that I asked Yeshua (Jesus) to come into my heart and have been serving Him in a Messianic congregation ever since.

That was nine years ago. Since then, I have been in a very stable job in an investment firm. All my debts are paid, I am in great health, and I have a new family. He is restoring the years the locust has eaten.

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